The Paris Haute Couture week is not over yet, but the Chanel fashion show already stole the spotlight. The spectacle of spring-summer 2017 impressed even those who work in the area of fashion. In the event that the luxury of creations and the stage decorated marveled at the guests, Karl Lagerfeld showed a collection that fully reflects the essence of the brand, the characteristics of the new times.

The result? Looks just wonderful, luxurious, classic and modern at the same time. And a collection totally “usable” – something that doesn’t always happen in fashion shows.

In my opinion, was the most beautiful parade Chanel introduced in recent years. I was delighted and, after watching it, I have selected for you the 10 major trends presented by the brand that will bombing during that year. Check it out:

1-embroidery and precious stones

Is there something that let a female outfit more glamorous than a beautiful embroidery or applying pedrarias? In a parade so beautiful so we declare that no. And the best: if used in moderation, the trend may even be adopted in looks.

2-Feathers and sequins

The feathers are back with everything and are great allies to get out of the evening looks. They increase the shoulders, sleeves and dresses. The same goes for the sequins – our longtime friends! – continue in high proving that are here to stay.

3-neutral colors

I’m suspect to talk, because 90% of my closet is composed of neutral colors. They really are all in a woman’s life. Stylish, easy to combine democracy and each other, end up being always a great investment. The classic double black & white, a Chanel trademarks, could not be left out of the collection.

4-pastel colors

In evidence a couple of seasons, the pastel colors definitely conquered many women, including those who long ago or cogitavam use them. Feminine and delicate, are an alternative option – and chic! -for those who like color but not into the most vibrant tones.


The varnish is another trend of the moment of which I am a fan of assumed and I use! Especially in bags, shoes and belts, the material gives that special touch that highlights the attachment, making him much more sophisticated. At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld bet on wide belts in different colors.


The clothes and accessories in metallic fabric or leather continue in high and won’t come out of fashion anytime soon, you can trust! As well as embroidery and precious stones, the metallic can also be used in day-to-day production without any problem.

7-Ruffles and draping

Feminine and romantic, the ruffles and drapes are more ladylike, but, if used in conjunction with other details, also can be super sexy! High boots, most daring necklines and waists marked are just some of the tricks that can leave the visual less little girl and more.

8-Waist marked

Another trend that comes from other seasons and remains steadfast in 2017: the waist is marked with belts and tracks, another that is among my favorite and not tire of use! Be on top of sweaters, blazers, coats or dresses, these accessories always leave the most interesting production.

9-the classic pumps

My item No 1 when I think of shoes! In the parade, the high-heeled pumps and thin beak appeared in high tech version, with holographic effect. But who do not have the option of classic black and nude, which are sure bet.

10 – mirrors

I have to admit: the first thing that caught my attention when he started the parade was the scene. Amazing, wonderful and full of mirrors! Are articles I love decorating and I use at home, including furniture, because I think that besides leaving everything beautiful they give more breadth to the environments. A tendency to use the super decor.

And you girls have already adopted some of these trends? Who have the time and want to watch the full parade, just click on the link below. It’s worth it!

10 Chanel show Trends That Will Pumping In 2017 | Marcela Saw Frasson