Your Mobile Phone Is So Mobile

Attractive new additions, duration record holder and a clear test winner: We show the thinnest and thickest, the longest and shortest, the lightest and the heaviest cell phones.

We are meticulous in the mobile test, take it exactly and all dimensions. This incorruptible values are the basis for the present rankings: we specify as length, height, weight as a fourth table the mobility value that summarizes all mobile phone dimensions and weight.

Buying tips from the top 10
From the top ten of this table, we have selected five buying tips by the leaderSamsung SGH-X 830 about the cheap Samsung SGH-C260 in third position up to the Sony Ericsson W880iWalkman flagship. Also the Samsung SGH-F300 on 10th has become really cheap.

January 15, 2008, for placements specified in tables and photo galleries of the phones in the test rankings, is considered date.

The Shortest Cell Phones

No chance for manufacturer: Our test editors measure always the longest point of a mobile phone – this value is included in the test result.Manufacturers, however, often measure the shortest point, according to their data, the device is therefore often much shorter.

The result: The shortest yet available currently on our price comparison mobile phone is the Nokia 6111 via The 100 points of second-placed Samsung SGH-X 830 refers to the percentage points in the total size classification, into which all three measurements.

The Thinnest Cell Phones

Here, manual labor is in demand: we have set the caliper and measured the phones at their thickest point. Manufacturers indicate generally the thinnest point.

The result: The thinner, the better: The race of the manufacturer to ever-thinner devices brings much movement in the ranking of the thinnest phones. But no manufacturer has succeeded under the 9-millimeter mark by Samsung. New here are the Nokia 6500 classic with a thickness of 10 mm and the Apple iPhone with 12 mm.

The Lightest Phones

The weight, we take it as well just like at the other masses and place both Halbpfünder and lightweights on the laboratory scale.

The result: Samsung has with the SGH-X 820 for about one and a half years the top position at your fingertips. Also Motorola’s MOTOFONE F3 is in second place in the saddle. Surprisingly, with the my215X Sagem creates the leap to third place.

Your Mobile Phone Is So Mobile

The mobility value of mobile phones each comprised half of all size dimensions and weight of the device. We have calculated the fine differences in 137 current mobile phones.

The result: Samsung is the autocrat in the top 5 of the mobility rankings. Continues to be at the top of the SGH-X 830. Sagem, BenQ Siemens, Nokia and Sony Ericsson are represented in the top 10 with each device.

Buying Tips: Five Proposals Of The Editorial

The raisins picked out: we show you five handy lightweights from the top 10 of the mobility rankings of that are worth their money.

Samsung SGH-X 830
Place in the ranking of mobility: 1
With 76 grams, one of the lightest phones in the test box: The X 830 is with its dimensions of 85 x 30 x 21 mm not much bigger than a traditional MP3 player. It has almost a GB free space. In the test, the music player showed a balanced picture, but only when other than the supplied headset came to use. Other features: megapixel camera, Bluetooth, tri-band.

The price
The X 830 is right cheap for a light weight with good players and so much memory: 189 euro.

Samsung SGH-C260
Place in the ranking of mobility: 3
There are quite mobile phones with even fewer facilities: the SGH-C260 has, after all, a WAP browser, GPRS, and a voice recorder. The memory is not really rich, but at least enough for 500 contact entries and 200 SMS. In the battery duration test the C260 managed at least three hours and 14 minutes, this is a good average. You must avoid the C260 on games and area profiles.

The price
A clamshell phone for around 50 euros is certainly the exception. For less than the current cheapest price of 49 euros, you will hardly find the C260.

Sony Ericsson W880i
Place in the ranking of mobility: 6
The Walkman phone is very well equipped despite his 10 millimeters thick and its low weight of 72 grams – ranking in the mobile it is currently ranked the 24th. It can boast memory a powerful music player and 1 GB. The camera does not, over the usual two mega pixels. Other features: good phone features UMTS and a fast pace of work.

The price
In the best case you currently get on our price comparison with 217 euro. Before a year, the W880i cost about 150 euros.

Nokia 6111
Place in the ranking of mobility: 8
Also the Nokia 6111 remains under 100 grams. Together with the mass, 84 x 47 x 24 mm has submitted that for a good eighth place ranking in the mobility. Facilities include a mega pixel camera and a music player. Inexplicably let themselves do not expand the 19 MB of free memory. This has also its good: the price.

The price
Not least for this reason, you buy the phone already for 141 euros.

Samsung SGH-F300
Place in the ranking of mobility: 10
The Samsung SGH-F300 attracts buyers with an original display and operating concept: on the front of a mini screen displays just the bare necessities. The back, however, is committed fully to the multimedia widescreen and Navi touch keys. With one GByte memory is a complete substitute for your MP3 player the F300.

The price
Become fast cheap: for around $199 you are owner of the chic new one end in the mobility ranking. Nearly a year ago, the F300 cost was still 310 euros.

Bottom Line: Samsung’s Mobility Champion

Motorola no longer builds the thinnest phones and Nokia devices are in the top 20 just two. Good for Samsung: the Korean manufacturer has secured the five best places in the ranking of most mobile devices. Sony Ericsson may at least five devices in the top 20 position.

Especially mobile phones Motorola’s supply falters – the most mobile device of the Americans, the MOTOFONE F3, managed only the 20th place, although it is only 10 mm thick and 70 grams.

Two new additions by Samsung
Samsung, however, secured second place with the addition of SGH-F210 and ten has now a total of six devices under the most mobile.

Nokia unveils the shortest mobile
In the Length – ranking the leader Nokia 6111 is still 84 millimeters. If it to Height go, Samsung continues to dominate with the 9-millimeter mobile phones SGH-X 820 SGH-P300 , and the top 3. In terms of Weight is the X 820 also tip. There remains only the second place for the Motorola MOTOFONE F3.