Yoga Exercises for Body Shape

TRAINING: Five simple and effective yoga positions that increase your flexibility, giving you better posture and improve your deep breathing!

Yoga increases your strength and improve your balance, but above all it gives a greater flexibility. If you do not have sufficient mobility, for example in your höftböjare and baklårsmuskler, you will quickly get tired when you run.It also increases the risk of bevel and overload damage if you are stiff or have a muscular imbalance in the body.

Hold each position for 30-60 seconds, or as long it takes to do four deep inhalations and exhalations. A yoga mat is comfortable doing the exercises.

RYGGBÖJ Why? Stretches pectoralismuskultauren and thus helps you to draw deeper breaths. How? Breathe. Raise your arms from the sides and pull them backwards slightly. Bend your back gently backwards a little. Keep the abs tight and coccyx straight to protect your spine. While lifting your chin gently.

ACHILLES STRETCH Why? Stretching the feet, ankle muscles and Achilles tendons. How? From a standing position, sit down squat with your feet hip-width apart. Poised on the front part of your feet while holding the balance with your fingertips on the carpet with necessary clothing like Yoga pants. Put your palms on the mat. Sit down, stretch your legs and get ready for the next position.

BRIDGE Why? The position strengthens the buttocks, back and thigh muscles, and facilitates a deeper breathing. How? Lie on your back, place your feet hip-width apart on the carpet. Add your arms along your sides and push your hips toward the ceiling. Open up the chest, entwine the fingers and press your arms toward the floor.

FEET AGAINST THE WALL Why? Exercise speeds up the cleansing of lactic acid in the muscles and improves your deep breathing because the use of the diaphragm promoted. How? Lie on your back with your legs up against the wall, hold them together completely or have a small gap between them to stretch the inside of thighs. Rest your hands on your stomach.Breathe in and feel the fingertips drifting apart. Breathe out and feel your fingertips touch each other again.

LYING TWIST Why? Exercise promotes your deep breathing by stretching the often neglected muscles between the ribs, and, indirectly, the muscle that sits in the waist sides. How? Lie on your back. Keep your arms level with your shoulders, with your palms facing up. Let your knees fall to one side and let his head fall to the other side. Do the same in both directions.