Wonder Woman Outfits in Batman vs Superman

Linda began a series of articles Fashion Fight by fight to the death between two legendary superheroes. Tight voted and panties starry on the menu.

They work together against evil, ridding the planet of as scary than routine threats: old learned Communist wanting to dump on a giant barrel of toxic bouillabaisse, radioactive lava tsunami America arriving straight to Smallville, alien group preparing the comeback of Karen Cheryl, etc. Their fate is the same: save the world – or at least to save their buddies since it seems that problems inevitably happen on the face.

In sport, when you, you imitated the signature of moman to provide them, they hampered their abilities to not arouse suspicion or even create general panic.
In front of an episode of under the Sun, while on your side, nothing exists apart from the beach of St Trop’ and the Golf Clinic, they are able to hear a gnat to hang himself with his underwear. And when you hesitate between the green dress and the blue dress, ask them to cut the Red wire or white wire, that will trigger – or not – the nuclear bomb on which a poor orphan is tied up. Holy superhero!

The colors of America, their outfits all in discretion and their 48 teeth smiles admirable. They make a beautiful couple, but yet, they have to compete for madmoiZelle. When Superman meets Wonder Woman, it causes sparks! Two superheroes competing, two looks to defend and it’s your choice! Let the game begin:

  • Page 2: Superman
  • Page 3: Wonder Woman

“Are you rather Superman and his voted casting or good Wonder Woman and her starry panties? Just vote on the forum!

Superman (originally Kal – L) from the planet Krypton where his parents sent him to earth while he was still just a superbaby – probably in order to avoid the drudgery of the layers.
He grew up in the countryside, in a city with the sweet name of Smallville (original, isn’t it?), where his adoptive parents there have raised him with respect for humanist values and where he gradually learned to use its multiple powers. Despite this ease of birth and probably a little because of the limited number of channels that you picked up at the Kent farm, Superman assiduously frequents gym Club.
Today it is nearly as muscular as Gerard of the girls next door. Socially, to share with the Kent, it’s a mess with his double life. On the one hand, he is Clark Kent, the cheesy journalist whose mother would probably say he’s ‘ a nice guy and would make a perfect little son-in-law ‘. In other words: the horror. On the other hand, it is the superhero who saves Metropolis of the devious plans of his nemesis, Lex Luthor.
Secretly in love with his colleague in the Office Loïs Lane, he is torn between his love for the beautiful and his duty to justice. She, in turn, crush the vigilante and don’t know who yet is the same at the coffee machine.
Issue look, we got some very heavy with the cape, boots and little red underpants (to wear over blue tights). Hygiene issue, we therefore will return another day… but who cares, since we can better appreciate the firmness of the buttocks of the super hero (we quickly understand why he is known as the man of steel).
For summary Superman therefore the handsome House, one of the first superhero in a long line and who fantasize as well gay girls and their mothers. Almost unanimously, in some ways.

“Are you rather Superman and his voted casting or good Wonder Woman and her starry panties? Just vote on the forum!

Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman is a Princess of the Amazon to the many assets. It comes from Paradise Island, a well nice and distant place, where lives his tribe (of the warriors whose origins are linked to Greek mythology) but chose to settle on our good old earth to fight crime. At the same time it is understood, because girls even in paradise, we always bored…
A little sappy in the life of every day, it becomes time to worthy of Candeloro fierce Avenger pirouette that he better not upset. Emotionally she pliers for Steve Trevor, the driver is the Assistant but who don’t know that Diana and Wonder Woman are one and the same person. A p’ little taste familiar, right?
Physically Wonder Woman displays a silhouette of dream. Sporting and slender, she what to where it should be and knows highlight: mini star short, long red boots, size of WaSP, gold and bustier-en-voila-des-beaux-nenes belt. Wonder Woman fight evil while she remains a woman first and foremost. Its charms are part of its weapons as his magical lasso (Yee-Haw) and his Herculean strength.
Wonder Woman is the super hero men envy. Sexy and combative, she embodies a woman powerful and sure of herself, dégommant by the way macho stereotypes. Full of assets, strengths and charm, she is the domineering that dwells in us.