Women’s Fashion Early 19th Century

The women’s fashion beginning 19th century was accompanied by the life of Parisian fashion. This time was a special time – she was characterized by Joséphine Bonaparte, who had a great influence on the Paris fashion. She was beautiful, luxurious, and very generous.

How to be a woman at the beginning of the 19th century present?

What was popular at that time in the ‘fashion’?

Lines, contours, loops

Towing had something sublime, dignified, so much fabric do without the ostentatious jewellery. More was also more. Snippets and edges were decorated with lace. Also shoulder cloths were hung around and as a replacement for a coat.

Jewelry and trinkets

Whether lush hair jewelry, earrings, necklaces, or jewels, it had to fall on.
Reported by vintagematters, the reintroduction of a vintage costume contributed to the fact that the designer jewellery was founded in the 19th century: Tiffany, Bulgari, Cartier, etc.

Imperial style

The clothes had neckline and puff sleeves, were loose and hochtailiert. High quality fabrics and materials were a must.

Precious fashion

White dresses were very popular especially as evening wear. Cashmere and silk in particular, more specifically the Lyon silk industry, has been reinvigorated.
Effort, Prunk, Swank, grace, beauty were the ideals of the Empress Joséphine. She was a perfectionist and enjoyed their influence on fashion.


Also the headdress was high fashion in the 19th century. Straight, high, side-standing hats or hoods, decorated with spring or tip, made of high-quality materials were shown by the ladies like.