With the Baby in the Summer Holidays

In fact, a baby is there at home, where MOM and dad are. Therefore, babies are good travelers. A summer vacation requires still some planning, what’s your destination and travel with your child. Here are a few tips:

Where are we going the travel?

Just having a baby you may want, in Germany or the German speaking countries for holidays. Here, you get mostly all familiar products for the dining plan or taking care of your baby. And there are no language problems, if you need a pediatrician surprising times. How about a holiday apartment on the North or Baltic Sea, in the mountains or in the mountains (but would rather not in the high mountains)? In an apartment, they have their peace of mind with a baby or toddler and can make your daily routine undisturbed. Best you ask when booking, whether the House like takes families with small children as guests.

Tip: The childlike body takes time to cope with climate change – about the change to the sea or to a certain height in the mountains. So the holidays for your baby is not too strenuous, you remain best at least five days in one place with pregnant belt bags reviewed by Handbagpicks.

Off in the plane?

Granted, it is tempting to go when the weather is to play it safe and to fly in the heat. A very hot or humid and hot climate but strained the little ones. In addition, that children not even and later only allowed in the first year of life with much caution in strong sunlight. Therefore, typical Sun targets mean that you are during the day hardly movable with a baby or toddler. Last but not least, your holiday destination in terms of hygiene and medical care should be child-friendly. Clarify best early on, whether they need a travel insurance!

Previously, pediatricians have recommended air travel only from the age of three. Because even the flight and the (time -) conversion can mean stress for the little ones and their parents. You will probably know that about himself: after the flight you need as an adult once time to adapt. So is it also your child – this may be even longer will need to adapt.

If you decide for a flight, it’s cheap, if this maximum lasts three to four hours. It helps your child, if you give him a drink a pacifier or something during takeoff and landing it. Way to avoid that painful pressure builds up on the ears.

With the car on the road

Most families like to travel by car. You should schedule time but rather generously with a baby on board: kids like and tolerate it does not long to sit still. Also the hunger and thirst log shorter intervals, depending on your baby is younger. Or suddenly it’s due a fresh diaper. At least three hours drive, so a pause is announced. Best take your child out of his seat and put it on a blanket. So his spinal column can stretch yourself and your baby can struggle a while. Also, it’s good the little if the constant noise time stops for a while. If possible, you time your drive yet so that they make the usual bedtimes of your baby at least to a degree.

Tip: A sun visor or a gauze that is clamped in the window protect your baby from direct sunlight. Your child on the other hand does not cool, rather carefully dosing the air conditioning and make sure that it does not take your baby.

Lots of shade and the right food

If you are breast-feeding your child yet, you have it on vacation simply. Please remember that you are drinking plenty even in heat: even your baby is then more thirsty and want your chest will probably more often. She is out, and the milk is slightly thinner, increases the water content of the milk. Your baby gets the bottle or already porridge meals, take best enough storage for the first few days. Domestically, you can buy Yes normally without any problems. If you do not know about abroad, if you get everything you need at your travel destination, you need more supplies.

Good sun protection is very important. Your child is younger, less Sun and heat can withstand it. Pack therefore plenty loose-fitting things, the arms and legs to protect from the Sun. A breitkrempiges hat or cap with neck protection are mandatory. Best consult with your pediatrician to do so, which Sun protection preparations are suitable. For children, there are also special (Beach) clothes with extra high sun protection factor.