Winter Cycling Equipment

By fall, riding a bicycle becomes a perilous exercise. Less visible, cyclists are more vulnerable. The good reflex is therefore to be good to see other road users. Here is a small selection of ideas fluorescent equipment.

In addition to the lighting bike that we will not discuss here, These are clothes and spoke lights designed in bright colors and fitted with inserts and / or retro reflective strips that reflect light lighting making it more visible the cyclist. Most is that they make you more visible, but they also protect you from the weather:

  • cold,
  • rain
  • and wind.


The overshoes BBB HEAVYDUTY OSS are very well designed and effectively protect. That shoe liners that combine efficiency and ease of use. They are very easy to put on, remove and protect very efficiently from the cold and rain. The back zip system and good quality with zippers from YKK, which is a guarantee of reliability and durability over time.

The closure system with velcro underneath is clever and makes donning and removing powerless these overshoes. For once, there is no need to force and take over as is often the case in the competition! For protection, these shoe covers are designed with an impermeable layer Neoskin on a 3 mm thick Neoprene.

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We tested them on an outing to -1 degree at 1200 meters altitude with subsequent descent 15km by 0-4 degrees, protection is perfect. A very good product available in two versions:

  • fluo (our favorite)

Both versions have 3M reflective strips disposed on the back and on the sides to be more noticeable.

  • Specifications: 70% Neoprene, 18% Nylon, 12% Polyurethane.
  • Available sizes: from 37 to 48.
  • Retail price: 34 €


Cycle Gloves SEALSKINZ XP are waterproof, breathable and windproof. SEALSKINZ is an English brand renowned for quality, technical expertise and the high degree of protection against the elements of its products (gloves, socks, hats.).

The look is cool with this fluorescent yellow high visibility and reflective patch to increase visibility. The thumb has a fabric patch PU special “wiper” to wipe the water on glasses or counter. The index finger and thumb have a coating for use touchscreens telephone or counter bicycle GPS .

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The cut is perfect, the inner lining is sewn to the outer fabric to prevent the lining so with hands when gloves are removed (a detail that is important). These bike gloves convinced us after going two hours in pouring rain 4 °. Perfect result, the hands remained dry.

  • Available in sizes S to XXL.
  • price: € 34.95

Casque SPECIALIZED S-Works Prevail II High Visibility

Version 2 of the helmet SPECIALIZED S-Works Prevail is available in a high visibility colors to combine high performance and safety during outings in low light. As for bikers, a cycling helmet with a fluorescent high-visibility yellow color allows it to be seen from afar.

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This new version of the famous racing helmet SPECIALIZED combines excellent ventilation, superb aerodynamics and a lightweight structure. Its more compact form gives it a more streamlined design on the head. One finds all the features: managing the energy impact with multi-density foam inside, with a robust skeleton Aramid reinforced, optimized moisture management and ventilation, adjusting the height of the helmet with wheel in rear, comfort and easy adjustment with Trifix strap and reflective stickers for increased visibility.

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  • optional visor.price: 239,90 euros.

Bonnet RAPHA Pro Team Winter

For rides by very cold weather and conditions difficult. The cap Rapha Pro Team Winter provides isolation and optimal protection of the head , while offering excellent breathability. It comes in two high-visibility colors: yellow and pink. The Pro Team Winter cap has a breathable insert on the back of the head to allow heat to evacuate the neck, and adjusted earmuffs provide excellent insulation without hindering the hearing.

The cap is fitted with a built in four inserts and clips to reduce the presence of tissue around the ears and neck.This winter cap made from a soft shell material received DWR.

  • Unique size.
  • Retail price: 50 euros

Shoe GAERNE G.Stilo

The cycling shoe GAERNE G.Stilo is a high-end model that offers the perfect balance between performance, comfort and lightweight (275 grams). This new version 2017 is evolving technically and design.The new ultra-thin sole full carbon combines lightness and stiffness for maximum power transfer to the pedals.

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Gaerne has modified the implementation of BOA-1 IP clamping system for optimal foot support while refining the design of the shoe. IP-1 BOA clamping system offers maximum comfort and ultra-precise footwear .The drives enable a millimeter clamp (1 click = 1 mm) ensures a precise fit without pressure points. The system will adjust on the fly, simply by turning the disc clockwise.

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The new GAERNE G.Stilo is available in yellow high visibility release.

  • Available sizes: from 39 to 46.
  • price: € 349.90

As SMS SANTINI Empire Winter

With this jacket you will be certain to be seen. Designed for the winter, low temperatures and outputs by changing weather. This jacket is designed with Warmsant fabric, a fabric windproof consists of two layers ;

  • the outer layer is impermeable to rain and wind
  • the inner layer is hot fleece to retain body heat.

The range of use announced by the manufacturer is – 8-5 degrees. We have not been able to verify.

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A waterproof and cleverly placed zipped back pocket allows to shelter the cell phone, money, papers, credit cards and keys. The jacket has three external pockets on the back like a jersey. In the back, we find piping and reflective markings to be even more visible.

  • Available sizes: XS to 4XXL.
  • price: € 149.90

Veste RAPHA Pro Team Softshell Jacket

With this model as well, we will be seen on the road, more for security. We find as always impeccable classic Rapha ally for the occasion in the performance of Polartec Power Shield. We tested in cold weather up to 2 degrees with intermittent rain, which allowed us to validate its protection and resistance to weather (wind, rain).

Another quality of this fabric is its high breathability prevents overheating during intense efforts. The membrane blocks wind to 98% while providing breathability required to pass water vapor transpiration and evacuate the excess heat produced during exercise.

One can use this jacket up to 10-11 degree temperatures. The fabric is very soft and pleasant to the touch, which is really a plus for comfort. Note that the fabric has a high resistance to abrasion, which guarantees a long life to the product. Another important detail, the seams are heat sealed entirely for optimum sealing. There are 3 back pockets with a patch that protects the mud and dust.

  • Available sizes: XS to XXL.
  • price: 250 €

Primaloft socks SANTINI 2.0

Finally, we liked the socks Primaloft 2.0 Santini who impressed us by the warmth they provide in the cold despite their finesse . Which is perfect for pedaling sensations. They are made with Primaloft fiber and wool (47% nylon-25% Wool-3% lycra).

PrimaLoft® is a synthetic insulating material which is distinguished by its light weight, its soft texture and high breathable activity. We appreciated their qualities to keep warm our feet during testing by freezing.

  • Size XS to XXL.
  • Retail price: 16,50 €