Winter 2012 Shoes And Trunks

Shoes and handbags-winter collection

The most discussed subject at the moment is the fashion for the winter 2012. They are tips and trends of clothes, accessories, hair, makeup and, could not miss, the shoes. In addition to being beautiful or comfortable, the shoe has to be according to your personality and still value your beauty, the same should happen with the accessories.

For the cooler season of the year, the fashion continues with some models that have already made a success in the winter baked and also brings back some classics that were a little lost, more specifically in the back of the shoe. Among the redeemed of fashion are the boots and the scarpins of fine beak. If you still have your saved, try to get them out on the street, get a good deal and leave them on the way to the next station.

In addition to the pregnant boots and scarfs, a model has been fashionable since last year, but has not yet set the trend, it is the dockside, or the famous moccasin. The model was quite successful in the 90’s and is now back in versions of very colorful suede and even with animal prints such as leashes and snakes. The model is for both men and women.

The scarpins also come back in the version with thin beak, still gaining colors and sparkles this winter. That’s right, bet on the classic designs like the scarpin and color the basic looks, great for day to day. Already at night, use the models covered by glitters and glitter. Charm and sensuality for the ballads.

The so-called”open boots”, which are those short, open-toed boots, have been a fever since they appeared and perhaps because they please so much, do not risk going out of style anytime soon.Just like them, the riding boots and the cowboy models also. As if the incomparable comfort was not enough, they are still beautiful and great for the regions of very cold, as in the south of the country.

The bags get texture and prints. The snake leather design is the strongest of the season, coming along with the leashes and the metallic materials. Portfolio-style models continue to be very strong, and on average, on average, average stock exchanges are the most appropriate.