Windows Phones in the Price Fall

Mobile phones with Windows phone 8 were 2013 still quite expensive, but their prices have dropped now strongly. We check at which 10 Windows Mobile phones price and performance fit best together.

Smart phones running Windows phone 8 have their appeal: often they are pretty colorful, offer a clear, modern design, and also the hardware can now virtually nothing to be desired. All of these phones with next-generation are theoretically Windows phone 8.1 compatible and could get the free update.

Windows Phone 8: Prices In The Downturn

Only shortly after launch, the price of Windows phones tumbled immensely. Required Windows Bigplayer Nokia for this Lumia 1520 to the launch still hair-raising 800 euros, the price for online is not a half a year later less than 500 euro. Still too expensive? No problem: Some Windows phones are now available for 200 euros or less. To learn what they are and which 10 phones with Windows phone 8 in terms of value for money particularly well cut off, in the Photo Gallery. Advance we present a fine bargain.

Nokia Lumia 925: Nice Finn With Much Equipment

That Nokia Lumia 925 cost at the time of the test end of June 2013 now the fleet Finn is still around 580 euros, for under 300 euros to have. If you do take with EU goods, saves even more than 50 percent. And the smart phone is still up to date: the clean processed required cell phone electronic product offers a sharp AMOLED display with crisp colors. In addition, the data Turbo LTE as well as NFC are on board. The top-notch camera is based on Nokia’s Pureview technology and resolves with 8.7 megapixel. The performance of Lumia 925 was always around in the test, the interaction between the processor and Windows phone 8 works well. Nokia unveils a free update to Windows phone 8.1 with many new features in Vista by the way. Biggest advantage: the free offline navigation here drive+is installed and can be used all over the world.