Wimbledon Schedule 2011

What is the schedule for Wimbledon 2011 look like? When the games are played can be read here. The tournament runs from June 20-July 3. You can buy Wimbledon tickets online but also order over the phone. If you go there, you can make the best of public transport. Parking at the stadium is very difficult because of the high parking pressures in the district.

Book tickets for Wimbledon

Every tennis fan should have seen it: the best tennis on grass in the world. Wimbledon is an annual tennis tournament that takes place on a grassed area. During the months of June and July for playing the strongest tennis players in the world are against each other. Tickets to Wimbledon books is quite simple. You can call to book tickets via the order line in England. This number is + 44 20 8971 2473. You can also book tickets online. The cost of a ticket to Wimbledon varies between £ 27 and £ 91. Even on matchdays in the box office to purchase tickets. However, this is not recommended because of the large crowds.

Wimbledon, how do you get it?

Wimbledon is a district in South London. There are several ways to get there. Transport by car, but not recommended because parking pressures in the area is very high. A place you can find not so simple.Public transport, but offer great results to come into the neighborhood. The easiest way is to take the Metro to Southfields. At the train station in Southfields available buses ready to transport all the Wimbledon Stadium.

Characteristics of Wimbledon

During the Wimbledon Tennis tournament it rains quite often. This is also one of the charms of this tennis tournament. The ball boys and girls at every turn attract rain sail across the track, the crowd under the umbrella? s will disappear and the sun shines again later.
You can also visit the Museum during the tennis tournament. The Museum was opened in 2006. You can find everything from the very first the cups to the various trends in tennis way. The Museum is open every day from 10:30 to 5 hours. Admission for adults is between £ and £ and £ 7.50 8.50 4.75 for children.
Wimbledon is a real village in itself You can buy several snack bars and restaurants of all kinds of goodies to stave off hunger. The favorite at Wimbledon, of course, is strawberries with whipped cream

Wimbledon schedule 2011

Tennis tournament lasts for thirteen days in total. The tournament will be opened in 2011 by Rafael Nadal in the men and women of Serena Williams. They are both defending champion and should therefore open tournament. In the table you can see the schedule below from day to day.
In addition, the following matches also played:

  • Men’s doubles
  • Women’s doubles
  • Mixed