Why are You Wearing a Skirt

In summer, many housuihinkin accustomed Finns are encouraged particles warmed to choose clothed familiar and safe trousers instead of skirts of different, but which ones are really the Finnish women’s favorites, skirts or pants?

The website asked its readers, they thrive prefer the skirt or pants. It turned out that despite the fact that the summery walks the streets against a lot of women, skirts, trousers Finnish women are the number one favorite.

“I No Longer Even Able to be in Your Pants”

The trousers instead of a skirt preferably clothed told elect 34 percent of survey respondents. Skirts hailed as particularly feminine and convenience.

“The skirt, as it is more relaxed on top and a skirt can be used in summer and winter by changing the thickness of tights. It is also more feminine, at least upon me as the pants.”

“The skirt is feeling much more comfortable and more feminine than your pants.”

“I think heels always agree with the dresses, and I love my feet long.”

“I do not even he could be in your pants. Pants legs feel when my ass forms shine through!”

One-third of respondents would choose clothed trousers instead of a skirt according to Directoryaah.

“Skirt whenever possible. I feel impressively feminine every time I wear a skirt or dress. Self-esteem will improve right away when I look in the mirror. I’m 25, but I look more 15-year-old and I’m trying to retrieve something feminine style of dress, that I should not think my daughter siskoksi but identified by his mother.”

“Absolutely skirt! Not squeeze in contrast to the jeans. Moreover, such a short-legged pants look like an idiot, a mini skirt and high heels not create the illusion of longer legs. I feel myself anyway sexed skirt!”

“. The skirt or dress on at all times I do not even own pants, except for sports purpose, the skirt is more relaxed and feel more beautiful simply:.. I’ll feel better and cozier skirt.”

“I’ve always liked a lot of skirts. Maybe I will try to soften and bring out the fact that I’m a woman and not just a tad tomboy tomboy. The skirt when forced to behave and walk nicely. I also like the beautiful shoes and it is a nice present with a skirt. The skirt is too long and kapeakinttuisen much simpler to buy. ”


“In fact, I use mostly dresses. It is easier and more comfortable garment is not. I use mainly when hiking trousers and heavier yard work, or correctly at very cold temperatures.”

“Skirt in feeling a lot freer to move than be! At home by myself until I just conceive the soft and flexible franchises of the knee skirts, and should not be too hot.”

“I do not feel myself if my leg is pants. Skirt is ideal for any situation where it is able to combine the right kind of clothes. Skirt is also in my opinion, easier to create a personal look, ordinary jeans are just so boring.”

“I’m skirt and dress man, though often for practical reasons, have to select in the pants. The skirt is feminine and comfortable to wear and does not normally tighten or squeeze. The correct length skirt are places flash or a small gust of wind scare.”

“It depends a bit of the day. However, I prefer skirts, because they feel wonderfully feminine, warm days and skirt with a cooling to be.”