White Chic Bathroom

The  white room dressed in chic country style, what happens? It inspires you some pictures…

A white bathroom in wood and concrete

Between wood and concrete, the white bathroom chic campaign style alternates between smooth and rough spirit. Sober and elegant, decorated in a cameo of shades, it introduces a natural atmosphere quiet. In the countryside around London, this House was designed on the ruins of old stables. The architect David Kohn reinvented it for an open, put together in nature.The white bathroom consists of a shower hidden behind a sink mounted on a thin white brick wall. Other dominant

material, concrete wax found in the ground and which covers the sober bathtub and smooth for a perfect harmony between sweet atmosphere and rough spirit, accentuated by the apparent pipes. The whole creates a soothing, ideal atmosphere to relax.

A white bathroom in the attic

This white bath under the roof, in a sleek and minimalist decoration to relax in peace.Program: a huge tub Corian as a big Pebble placed on a grey marble floor which gives character to the white place. On one side, small baskets in wickers align to give rhythm to the piece and give instead a soothing natural atmosphere, all for a bathroom spirit hammam from anylistintheus.

A white bathroom clean

For this white bathroom installed in a former sheepfold, it’s grey white who was chosen. In a peaceful atmosphere, the décor is deliberately minimalist to total relaxation. Ceilings vaulted gives way to a huge tub white to soft and rounded form. She is in Cristalplant, a material of resin and mineral materials, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Very chic, she also gives a sophisticated clean inside. To bring comfort and warmth, a suspension that diffuse golden light, a rug cow skin (both, boast), a tree trunk and a stool as a table. The white bathroom to ‘nature trend’ decoration, slightly grey white, warm light and soft materials, everything has been thought to spend moments of well-being and tranquility.

A white bathroom in a shed

In the heart of nature, this House was the origin of the hangars. It took all the knowledge of industrial architects Bordeaux Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal, known for their work on the materials, to redevelop this place. The white bathroom chic campaign spirit gives on a sliding door aluminium corrugated, open to the garden, for a holiday spirit. Carpeted tiles, it consists of a bathtub designed by Philippe Starck placed on a concrete floor. Atypical, it is both stylish and practical. Very sober, the white bathroom open to the garden accentuates mind relaxation of this vacation home located in sheds. Mixing materials, ceramics and concrete, she advocates simplicity.

A white bathroom stone

With its large mirror which gives it depth, its wide stone bath, and its entirely white walls,white bathroom chic campaign spirit puts in the spotlight the stone to create a sober and elegant atmosphere. Reflection in the mirror box of wood, the sink is porcelain with a faucet of Jacobsen for Sopha Industries and echoed in the bathtub for a perfect harmony. Fitted very soberly, the white bathroom is chic and refined by its noble materials that give it the look.

A white bathroom optimized

This white bathroom, yet small and long, makes us dream. Set in a former monastery of the Renaissance, in Tuscany, the owner wanted to keep the spirit of the place while making this piece functional. She opted for large tiles of the floor to ceiling white ceramic, white synthetic curtains also. Despite the limited space, she would not renounce the bathtub! It was so embedded in the floor, and it closes with a customized gratings made of exotic wood. Practical and comfortable, white bathroom chic campaign spirit turns small unusual place that optimizes space.