Which Yoga Mat is Right for Me

Who intensive yoga focuses of you and frequently visited an hour will eventually come to the question: “What is actually the best yoga mat for my needs? There are so many on the market!” I too have me in great depth in the last time this question and after a long search finally” found my “favorite yoga mat!

How I came to my Favorite Yoga mat – Tchibo to Manduka

When I came gaaaannzz many years ago for the first time with Yoga in touch, I bought my first yoga mat Tchibo. She was bright pink and actually so not really suitable for Yoga!  At that time it was still ok … I have every now and then sporadically practiced asanas to her, but nothing more.  My  first yoga mat has accompanied me determined 5-6 years until our Katerchen Emil spontaneously in all types of yoga mats love … .Kratzspuren and wild brawls gave her the rest.

So I searched around 2 years ago for a new yoga mat. At that time I was still very concerned about the design and looked first of all at Yogistar for a nice mat around. The design mats spoke to me very much and so I bought the yoga mat “Basic OM” in a beautiful Bordeaux-tone with matching Yogatasche.  According the promises of Yogistar which are listed with each of their yoga mats, the Basic OM is very well preserved and wonderfully clean. These properties can I confirm only positive! Despite Kater attacks she retain their shape until today. Likewise, it is very pleasant with a thickness of 4mm! The Basic OM Yoga mat is made ​​of PVC, which just softeners, which are approved for the food industry, however, contain. Positive I can also their neutral odor compared to many, mention many other mats.  I have long practiced on my Yogistar Basic OM until I this summer studio was sometime at about 35 degrees in yoga so cramped in down-looking dog on my mat because my sweaty hands and feet, just constantly wegrutschten. So no fun! A new yoga mat was needed even during pregnancy!

Which Yoga mat is Particularly Slip-Resistant?

I researched for a while, which is now especially for Power Yoga the right material in terms of slip resistance is now, and came very quickly to natural rubber as a recommendation. Natural rubber is in particular at the beginning seeeeehhr intense smell, but the slip resistance is unique indeed! I also wanted to try out a possible “clean” yoga mat as big Clean Eating Fan course times. Nature (rubber) instead of chemicals (PVC)! 😉 So I bought at Yogabox the Yoga mat EKO of natural rubber with embedded jute and cotton reinforced edge. A beautiful yoga mat! She shines by their very nature colors so a certain tranquility and just feels while practicing only great for the hands and feet to. Although the EKO is my heaviest Yoga mat, but for practicing at home, I’m still super excited about it!

Which Yoga Mat is Suitable for Travel?

In September this year then our great trip to Hawaii was at. And because I could not imagine anything better, even in paradise my body to do yoga something good, I was already looking for a new yoga mat: This time a travel yoga mat, which has little weight, good foldable and before everything is easy to clean after the trip. Again, I became quickly find and have me for my birthday the yoga mat travel of Yogistar desired.With this mat in the luggage I flew halfway around the world and have actually celebrated my yoga units under fragrant frangipani trees or on one of Maui’s beaches. The Travel Mat has thereby done a wonderful service to me.Of course I had to get used to with 1.5mm quite thin mat, but on the go it was just perfect! So easy! Simple foldable in the trunk or even rolled up for any beach bag! Every time I see them now, I think of Hawaii. 🙂

The Yoga mats Manduka

To my favorite yoga mat I am but come recently. If for a while you deal with yoga mats, one comes inevitably at some point on the brand Manduka. Again and again I read from top quality yoga mats and long had a desire to be able to call a Manduka my own. And as this is so, things sometimes develop on its own. So I was contacted a few weeks ago and invited to test a Manduka yoga mat. Yippee! Was I excited as the EKO Lite in a beautiful beer colored clay “Acai” arrived at my home … .and also time for my yoga training weekend! Of course I have tested them on the spot and I am absolutely thrilled!  The Manduka EKO  Lite  keeps really what it promises!It is quite easy, but sufficiently thick, super grip even in some sweaty laps Power Yoga and this made ​​the environment of natural rubber. Very quickly the Manduka EKO Lite has thus become my absolute favorite yoga mat, since it has all the qualities that I wish for my practice yoga!

Now my right Yogatasche missing my new favorite yoga mat only! And also because a great specimen of Manduka is me already fallen into the eye, in which not only the mat, but also small items such as car keys, wallet and the clothes for the yoga class fit. The Manduka Yoga bags are in fact quite new! Let’s see what Santa says.