Which Sports During Pregnancy? 

Be wary of anyone who tells you that do some physical activity during pregnancy can be dangerous for the fetus. Find out Babyinger what are the recommended sports such as those the doctor forbids pregnant women.

Exercise does the body good throughout the pregnancy, it’s healthy because it prevents some pregnancy-related disorders such as constipation, backache, hemorrhoids and tendency to the formation of varicose veins. The sport also brings benefits to mind and mood, and serene pregnancy, especially during the last months of pregnancy.

We must not necessarily from fatigue nor expect the same performance as the period prior to pregnancy, management advances automatically feel the need to decrease the intensity of your workout.

If you love speed and outdoor sports, a nice bike ride can help you relieve stress and feel more informs, in case you want to avoid the risk of falling, you can very well use an exercise bike while maintaining the same privileges.

Free activities that you can practice in any gym, you are a lifesaver for the cardiovascular system and to tone the muscles. So no problem, if you like, you can continue to practice your aerobics classes, avoiding hops and abdominals. To be safe you might want to follow your workout is an instructor.

One of the activities that doctors recommend, but that probably in Italy is not a popular discipline is the yoga breathing techniques, which could be very useful during childbirth. Very suitable for swimming, because it allows you to keep fit by balancing the weight of the belly, and pilates.

If you are lazy and generally don’t you love sports, you might go for a long walk at the Mall.

The sports that are not recommended

Obviously are not recommended for all those sports where there is a danger of fallen down a well, and those that require balance and coordination, two “parameters” which are considerably reduced during the course of gestation. No martial arts, sports involving the throwing of balls or other objects, are to censor all activities where there is a risk of unintentional bodies to the abdomen.