Which Flashlight Hunting Buy

The first question to which we must respond when looking to buy a hunting Lantern good and cheap, it is this, what are we going to use hunting flashlight? Before continuing, for hunting, what is most recommended are Led flashlights and is where we will focus. (Although we can find others like the xenon).

Clearly, the most common use of the torch is made for hunters, according to aceinland. Consider this, although it seems a self-evident truth, is important, because we must be clear that such a hunting flashlights can be used for unique for waits, or can be used in a combined way, to wait and keep track of the animal, if we let him hit, or we can use it only to follow traces and give birth in the field when necessary. What is clear is that the Hunter, when you decide to buy a lantern must be clear so that you’re using.

In the event that the election, which tends to be the most common, is for waits, we have to be clear, what the rest of the team that we have for them. This so discussed, because sometimes, hunters let us drag by the news, and if hunting flashlights are fashionable, my question then acquire one. In this case ask, if when you wait, you like make it with light of the Moon, if you have a hunting visor with an exceptional light transmission, as well as binoculars, ask yourself if you are a Hunter of night vision, ask yourself if you really need the flashlight to make a stand. If caces with Moonlight, you take advantage of ambient light and you’ve purchased a viewer suitable for waiting, as well as binoculars, maybe buy a flashlight is not what you need.

Should you like to make the wait in any light condition, do not use night vision and have clear to your optical improvement with the use of lanterns, it is clear that you need to acquire a hunting flashlight.

Therefore, once we respond to these issues, and have clear we need a flashlight of hunting, either waiting for or for other use in the field, is when we can begin to think about features we want to have our next acquisition. To do this, we must take into account a series of concepts that we will look at when buying a flashlight for hunting:

– Hunting Lantern size. It is obviously not the same arise acquire a pocket or Keychain flashlight so enlighten us in the field, which purchased a flashlight for waits with specific characteristics. Today there are very comfortable to use, size flashlights pocket and even size Keyring, which illuminate more than decently, but may not serve us in cases where we want them to use for waits.

– Hunting Lantern weight: obvious connection with size, above and the use that we are going to give, as well as materials that we select for our flashlight.

– Subject distance: so I’m going to use, that distance is from my position of waiting to the feeder, etc.

-What breadth I need that me my hunting Lantern

– Modes of use and maximum usage time of the flashlight in each mode

– Type of batteries or batteries that we want for our flashlights. Use common, built-in battery or rechargeable

– Headlights and reflector lenses, which can influence the assessment we make of the flashlight

– Waterproof hunting flashlight / submersible

– Shock resistance

– Flashlight power, normally in lumens. Let us remember that we can lean by flashlight with more power or one of the more powerful, but we have a problem of duration of the batteries.

Once we take into account these features when you start with the election, we can focus on that will allow us to choose better. If what we want is a functional headlight for multiple use, a combination between weight, size, power and duration of the battery or battery, that best suits what you want to look for.

If what we want is a flashlight that we can use in waiting, we must take into account the use of these systems. The most widespread is the lantern which we slaved to the viewfinder, and sometimes even on the same barrel of the gun, but it is not usual. We will therefore focus on the most searched by the Hunter and in what is the most common.

In this case we will look for a flashlight that gives us power, amplitude and valid enough distance, so at the time of the lance we can have a vision as appropriate as possible, our white.

When Choosing hunting flashlight, we must know that we can buy the flashlight without accessories, or we can acquire a complete waits kit, which includes the necessary accessories so you can use the flashlight in waiting. The key elements that we must control, are Mount’s adjustment to the viewfinder, commonly known as the rat tail and the ignition switch. In addition, it is recommended that you complete with a red filter for the flashlight, rechargeable batteries if it does not have battery and charger for the batteries. The rechargeable batteries are more expensive and apart from the increased cost of the battery charger, is highly recommended the use of these batteries, since it implies a long-term savings.

As regards the functioning of the lanterns, normally lanterns can have an on/off switch of a single power or single, or with the same switch mode, have up to three or more powers (high, medium and low), strobe mode and even a Red led and even green. Red light helps most at night, since it is not detected by the animals and does not dazzle the Hunter.

Known these aspects, focusing on the amount of light that is going to provide the flashlight and how. To find out the amount of light that will dispense the Lantern there are a number of references, in which manufacturers, these are primarily based:

– Lumens: amount of light that emits the light source led, measured at its output.

-Lux: Amount of light measured on the illuminated surface.

-Candles: Power of the beam of light or luminous flux in a given direction, with respect to the opening angle of the beam, i.e. what to focus or the beam of light is open.

Normally that most know hunters are lumens.

As we have discussed before, not always with more lumens flashlight, it is the most recommended, for hunting. So we will have to assess, factors such as weight, extent, duration of the battery or batteries in maximum mode, and efficiency of the flashlight. Today we have excellent flashlights at affordable prices, with no very large sizes, but a relationship of power and superb durability.

Other factors to take into account, are the hours of use, and duration of the flashlight in continuous use. A flashlight may have 70 hours of use, with a load of batteries, or use batteries, but only one hour of continuous use. So it will have to have in mind at the time of purchase.
As we have said before, we have focused on the Led flashlights, which is the technology most widespread today, for his long life, low temperatures and consumption. The led performance low temperature, even up to 20%, and also the duration of a led decreases when the temperature is higher. That is why we make a good choice and making good use of the flashlight, it lasts us most.
A flashlight led that after some minutes running does not have housing to something warm can be bad sign. Means that the heat is all led and not the released to the outside. With what care.

Just as important as having a good led, is the type of lens and the reflector of our (the silver one) lantern which should preferably be of metal, since if they are good performance will be much better. As for the lens and for hunting, the most appropriate is be glass and not plastic. Also we advise that it is smooth lens, which is showing concentric rings and a clear and powerful light and make it curve lens, which opens the beam light.

As for the flashlight to choose resistance, we can see how many cm or meters holds fall, he must endure as much as possible, and preferably is submersible a certain depth and a certain time. This it can see everything in the catalog of the flashlight.

Once studied this, we choose by brands and give warranty. A good choice would be a complete kit.

We leave some of the flashlights for hunting that like most hunters. Hunting Phoenix, TK22 680 lumens flashlight KIT XM – L2 (U2) led 5 modes. 270 meters range. Tested under the ANSI / NEMA FL1

Flashlight Fenix Tk 60., 800 lumens . It uses a Cree XM-L LED Led with a service life of 50,000 hours. Use four 1.5V type batteries (Ni-MH, alkaline) D.
407 grams (without batteries)

The Ledwave Wild Finder Dual headlight has 2 white leds + 2 green leds or red or infrared (if an led is always damaged him is another of the same color by turning the head other 90 °).