When Planning a Pregnancy?

To make such planning, the woman should keep in mind your goals of life

Even married, today, the woman is and wants to be independent: studies to have a profession, works out to help pay the costs, in charge of the House and especially the family.

Data from the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics) show that 66.4% of the female population is employed formally or informally. Already the Ministry of education (MEC), shows that approximately 2,800,000 of enrollments in higher education are occupied by them. How to give up so many appointments to get pregnant?

In 1962, when the contraceptive pill arrived in Brazil, women might choose in that moment of life would be mothers. This was just one of the factors that contributed to the decline in the birth rate, which recorded 1.9 brazilian son per family, in 2010, against 5.8 in 1970. “We live an age of greater individual freedom. The woman can decide the best time to get pregnant and even, if you want to be a mother or if you want to have a child without being married. Unlike the old days, when they were ‘ prepared ‘ for the home from small, “says psychologist Vanessa Pik Quen Lee.

The best time to pregnancy must be set through the planning of the life of the mother-to-be. According to Dr. Vanessa, the path traverses before motherhood is to build a career and achieve stability, both in professional and in personal life. “There is a tendency to behavior in the statistics, which show that many women elect the right moment like the one that hit personal stability in marriage, career and financially,” he suggests.

But this is not a rule. “The best time is individual. The woman should be receptive and willing to devote himself to a human being totally dependent on it. Some people want to be a mother when young because it has more energy, mood and affinity or with children. Others prefer to take maternity leave when they are more mature, when they feel more safe, prepared and experienced, “explains Dr. Vanessa.

To the psychologist Vanessa Pik Quen Lee, “have one or more children does not prevent the woman to succeed in life.” Which reinforces the idea that the ideal time is when the mother feels ready to take care of the baby while wearing a pair of maternity leggings covered on Ruizesolar. Have financial conditions and stability in his personal life, even without being married, in the case of independent production or adoption, it is important to provide a healthy and happy childhood.

Ana Lúcia Alves decided to have your first child with 30 years. When she got pregnant, wasn’t married yet, but maintained a stable relationship with the father of the child. Anyway, the professional life was better resolved, she is an occupational therapist and acts in the area of training. “Today my son is two years old. I managed to improve my hours at work to spend more time with him, since I was already consolidated in the profession, and I felt safe enough to take care of a kid, “he says.

It is worth noting that there is still a social pressure for every woman has a child, but that’s not a real obligation. Some people prefer not to have children and that decision must be respected. The woman who is mother, is no less than a woman you have. Therefore, each is free to decide whether to have children and when and how many want to have.