When Ironing Suddenly Fun Power with Tefal Access Steam Brush

Review: Tefal Access Steam Steam Brush

I confess I was always been team # nicht iron. There was smooth shaken and deleted or hoping that the humidity out there doing their best. In short, iron mine was now really never.

Why? Because it was too cumbersome to build the bulky Ironing Board first, just to it again in the connection to stow. My iron has also already a lady with her 14 years in the years. There thinking back to my Grandma, who had even an extra ironing room, I get almost a guilty conscience and become red. I was there so far really lazy minded. I brought weekly rather in the cleaning to clothes of the man, too. Up, until…

.. a few weeks ago the access steam steam iron brush by Tefal when I arrived. Since then I have tested them extensively {and must confess here that I find ironing now not more stupid}.

Tefal Access Steam, Ironing Made Easy!

To do this, but now more. What can the “Access steam” by Tefal steam brush?

The Damlpf strap brush is once unbelievable easy and straightforward to use. Take out of the closet, water in the water tank filling, connector plug, wait 45 seconds and you’re ready to go. Where is the first piece that needs to be ironed?

The access steam is according to manufacturer for all types of fabric and is also the fresh clothes. I have tested it and Yes, it’s true. Even meinSeiden- shirt has let the ironing brush iron is easily and quickly via Babyinger.com. Also, a worn upper part can be even once fix refresh with the help of steam. The steam and heat kill because the bacteria and thus the smell, you know?

A hook on which the clothes for the ironing process can be hang is included among other things. The plug is a total 3 meters long, what is practical and important. Of course the piece of clothing allowing easily on the bracket, no problem. The steam then is crinkled clothes by the scruff of the neck.

Also included is a fabric and a lint brush.

My conclusion:

Some weeks I have now tested the access steam from Tefal. On my as well as on the clothing of children and by Henry. Have themselves weeks ago mountains of laundry in the basket piled, who immigrated just damp and secretly Unrestrained in the closet, this is no longer so.

Ironing with the Damlpf strap brush is simple, convenient and doesn’t take long {and joy}.

In fact, the brush for all substances is suitable. However it takes longer at the one or other fabric, but no later than the second treatment the recalcitrant material is smoothly ironed. For me, such as the thick cotton fabric of my favorite basic shirts has required a little more steam and devotion. This is not bad and also not much longer.

I use the steam brush from Tefal very fond and regularly. Also I’m saving money since then, because I’m much less clothing in the cleaning – what I find personally super.

You can the access steam Tefal E.g. here buy