WhatsApp: 600 Million Active Users and Growing

If we measure the success of a company only by its number of customers, the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook gives increasingly appears to have been an excellent deal. On Sunday (24), Jan Koum, CEO of the service, reported via Twitter that WhatsApp surpassed 600 million active users worldwide.

The amount is even more impressive if compared to the number recorded by WhatsApp at the end of April: 500 million active users. This means that the service took almost three months to win over 100 million accounts, an achievement considering the aggressive advances of rivals like WeChat (438 million users, most of China) and Viber (100 million users).

Part of this success is due to India. The estimate is that one in ten WhatsApp accounts are from this country. And this amount should increase soon: Currently, the service wins three million Indian users per month.

Regardless of the country, the main reason for the massive adoption of WhatsApp is the influence, something in the style “all my friends use, so I must also use”. This line of thought goes especially for the younger audience.

The pre-installation of the application in new devices, the smooth operation even on slow connections (although the app itself is in need of improvement) and the growing appreciation for the service groups are factors that also explain the success of WhatsApp.

Success reflecting on challenge. If Facebook has found a way to generate significant revenue from WhatsApp, is guarding the formula for you. The collection (often renewable) of US $ 1 per year seems to result, but not enough to offset the $ 19 billion disbursed in the acquisition. Not only that, Jan Koum said more than once that it is not favorable to the ads.

Be that as it may, the Facebook executives do not show much concern about it. For now, the focus seems to be to keep more users immersed in the broad ecosystem of the company. If the goal is this, the numbers of Facebook and WhatsApp are there to show that the plan is working very well.