What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear

You want to get every day? Always get out of bed to look ravishing in mind? Is daily ready to combine parts of a particular way, inventing looks flawless for any occasion? We bet you don’t, after all, neither fashionista women have more desire or patience to assemble every day. It has moments that we really want is to get out of pajamas, wrapped in a sheet, with a paper bag on his head, the Sweatshirt that accompanies us vasanth between four walls, screwing around. Point.

More Sets in Real?

:: Suit, a classic always ready to transgress

:: Audrey Hepburn Type. Inspirations to wear capri pants

:: Coat camel, a classic any time

:: Why white shirt is an essential and Chameleon?

Only that it is not always possible, anyway, if all we wanted to become fact, chocolate and condensed milk emagreceriam, isn’t it? Unfortunately, they get fat, and we have work, parent, faculty, meeting with friends, dinner with hubby. But there are a lot of good answers to this hangover fashion “, so to speak: main parts that respond to zero will be ready. Are clothes that always work, ideal for use in the days we search distance. Want to see?

Denim + jeans: no error

A shirt and a pair of jeans save of any pane fashion. The modeling, the cutting, the washes, the Add-ons rely heavily on the personality of each woman. If more classical, straight cuts or lightly set and dark colors is often the best alternatives. If more deprived, the broader moulds and estonadas married perfectly. If more fashionistas, special effects and details are welcome, marking the season’s trends. What we most enjoy? The classic, which minimizes the virtually zero the chances of error and dresses very well almost all body types.


Dressed, ready! With a jumpsuit, you don’t have to think of almost nothing but a shoe and a bag, which can be the most basic of the universe. Black maternity overalls are fancy, stretch, tune, seems to lose weight, especially if you have straight cut and a good V-neckline, you only have a colorful model? Without problems. Probably, it reflects your personal taste and will be perfect for uniform far niente sets. Another advantage? Is still tendency.

Envelope dress

This model, which has as one of the official creator designers recognized by exalting the female power, Diane Von Furstenberg, is perfect to do just that: let us powerful no matter the weather. As he engages in the body exactly as the name suggests, is perfect to disguise unwanted voluminhos in the waist and abdomen, as well as lengthen the body thanks to the V neckline. Note: envelope weight, mostly women of heavy trunks. In addition, it is extremely feminine, sensual to the extent of elegance. It’s wear and tear down.



Here’s a little thing that raises any look, any mood. Seriously! Is putting a good blazer and all jeans and t-shirt are chic, all miniskirt gets a new status, more luxurious, that sweatpants breaks sporting limits and passes to circulate with refinement by casual environments. Worth using with everything: t-shirts, jeans, dresses, tank tops. The ideal model? A dry and more elongated, narrow lapels and single buttoning, in black. Timeless and elegant, perfect for valuing the nothingness that’s underneath.

White shirt

Do real miracles for days that we look at the closet and wants to run away. Look great with skirts, jeans, trousers with tailoring, with pieces of leather, about dresses. The more we enjoy? An elongated and dry cutting model in a noble, as linen or cotton. Simplicity rhymes with sophistication at any time.