What To Do If You Lose Your Cell Phone

Smartphones are small, high-tech jewelry that carry all of our personal information inside. Losing your cell phone (or being robbed) is a tragedy that can be mitigated if we are foreseeable. Before it happens, install an app to locate it remotely and erase your data. 

The 7 Steps To Follow

Your smartphone is no longer with you.You have lost it or you have stolen it.If you want to see it again it is imperative that you have installed one of the apps that we are going to talk to you (see the sections-padlock in the right column).

But there is one last hope for the absentminded:Androidlost (Android only).It is the only recovery app that can be installed a posteriori.

Time is running against you. Follow these 7 steps quickly and in this order:

  1. Lock the phone: only if the screen of your mobile was not protected with key or pattern recognition.You can block it remotely from the web of your recovery app.
  2. Place it on the map: with the GPS function of the rescue app you will see on a map where it is (or its last active location).Maybe you left it in a bar and just go back on your steps to find it.
  1. Contact who has it: the first thing is to call your number, maybe someone has found your cell phone and wants to return it.Depending on your rescue app, there are other ways to get in touch with whoever has your phone: messages, alarms… Or more sophisticated functions likediscovering the SIM numberyour mobileis running on(if they have changed the card) or Remotely control the camera to photograph the thief.
  2. Clear your data: at this point it seems clear that you will not find your mobile quickly and they will not return it.It’s time to eliminate everything you do not want others to see (emails, photos, messages …).Rescue apps allowremote reset. But by doing so the apps will no longer be able to locate or follow your phone.
  1. Lock SIM card: call your operator to block the line.No one will spend your money.
  2. Go to the police: to file the complaint you will need the IMEI, 15 digit number that appears in the box of the phone or marking on your mobile the code * # 06 #.Once again, youhave to be foreseeing: if you do not keep the box, you have to have the IMEI before you get your cell phone stolen.
  3. Block using IMEI: call your operator and give them the IMEI code to disable your phone (you will need a copy of the report to the police).By doing so, your mobile can no longer be used with any SIM card in Spain (operators will block their access to the network).

In your app store there are manyrescue appsthat can help you (also in case you lose your tablet, but only if it is connected to the Internet).In the sections of the right column we propose some.

And-hope you do not have to use it-but if the loss is confirmed and you have to buy a new terminal, ourmobile comparatorcan help you find a device that will replace it with the best value for money.