What Should I Wear My Baby in the Winter?

The body’s natural air conditioning from babies does not work yet. The bodies of newborns and babies can not so well regulate its temperature, as the body of an adult can. It is baby too hot, can they draw attention just by shouting to their situation. Even cool yet can the little body not in sufficiently, because the sweat glands of babies are still too weak to developed.

Check temperature of babies

Best parents between the shoulder blades can feel whether it is her baby too hot or too cold: sweat the baby on his back, it is too hot. It feels cool, freezes the child. The skin feels pleasantly warm, then the child is well tempered.

Especially on cold winter days, it is important that one takes care to protect the children from the cold. As a midwife, I am often asked: “What I should wear my baby?” My answer: When it’s in the winter under zero degrees, I recommend a CAP that sits close to the ears, a long body, tights, sweater with long arms, rompers with feet and thick socks anyway. Find maternity shoes on A2zgov.

Keep baby warm in winter

If it then go outside goes, comes the child attracted even a jacket and comes in a bag of snow. This snow bag should tightly wrap the body of the small, so that no cold wind to the child up. If you have gloves for the baby, you can use it in cold weather. Most of the time the jackets of children are too big but and the children automatically have their hands in the jacket. They stay nice and warm there. Also a warm pillow in a baby carriage (Körner spelt – or cherry pit pillow) is very pleasant for the child. Hot water bottles with hot water can be, however, problematic: the bottle is not tight, the water can run out and scald the child. In addition, they are often too warm. What works well, is to pre-heat the pram with a hot water bottle, remove the bottle and then put the child in the chubby warm snow bag.

Wind – and Wettercreme for baby’s delicate skin

Did you know that baby skin is 5 times thinner than that of an adult? Therefore, the skin of a baby in this weather must be particularly well maintained. It is important to use a wind – and Wettercreme on a fat basis. Contains the cream of water, which can freeze in very cold weather on the face of the child. Whether carrying the child in a sling, or whether it is in a stroller, the face should be always good cream for delicate skin remains protected. Well packed and protected from wind and weather there is nothing better than to go with his child to fresh air.