What Jackets and Coats are Worn This Winter

How to break but without the cold tear you apart? Here are the  jackets and coats that are worn this winter.

Hello, dress up bloggers! Or was it the other way around?

We are already in November, very close to Christmas. Even so, we still see a ray of sunshine that lets us breathe from time to time. That is why, this week I bring you the jackets and coats that are worn in the winter of 2017.

Do you like motorbikes? I love and I know that someday, sooner or later I will have one. If not then I’ll go with a bike and a can of soda between the wheels… You know you did not freak out doing that when you were little? I ask you this because of the first jacket we are going to talk about is the biker. This one has a lot of history behind it. We should go in the late 30’s in New York. A motero asked  Irving and Jack Schott,  manufacturers of leather garments, to make him a tough garment for his bike. This one was called perfect, just like the pure Cubans that were being cut. Since then it has been an icon of a lot of movements in the world.

As already know the most relevant and by what is known is to be the basic pledge of rock between the 60 ‘and 80’. For her the Ramones, The Clash have passed… Until the first graffitero in Spain, the Quay! And as you are thinking, the garment that drives us crazy today.

On the other side we have a classic, the camel coat. A coat with elegant lapels, but if you put it together with worn jeans, a white T-shirt… BOOM! Exit an explosive set, an outfit that will make you talk. This coat has always been the “blasico” par excellence, a classic and basic in your closet

I hope you like the jackets and coats that we are going to wear and that serve to inspire you. And if you liked I would love to comment or share it.  Always be appreciated!