What is Yoga Mat Material

What is the difference between a yoga mat in rubber, latex or rubber? There are not any! All are yoga mats majority in latex! Beware of terms met to buy well.

Everything to know about yoga mats made from natural materials!

Everything you must the truth about the terms found for your yoga mat.

But what is a rubber yoga mat or a yoga mat in rubber, latex or rubber?

What a difference? The latex yoga mat is a rubber mat made from the sap of the rubber tree by bleeding made in the tree. Whatever its origin,the rubber tree is the tree that produces latex and rubber. Your yoga mat has a nice touch in similari gum in addition to being flexible like a Yoga pants from Campingship.

Dear yogis, check that you do not have allergies before buying these yoga mats rubber knowing about Yogimag all your latex mats are certified with draconian standards. They are true carpet performing yoga!

The advantage of these yogic floor mats is that they are ultra-slip, they are heavy, they flatten the ground and are made from purely natural material.

However, we can not absolutely not about Bio mat for yoga mats in this range : they are environmentally natural carpet that aim to save our planet and in the context of sustainable development. They are eco-friendly yoga mat!

If you have any doubt, the yoga shop where you have purchased your carpet, you must provide proof of his writings or certificates of carpet purchased at your request.

They are almost organic yoga mats but not organic! You must know it !

If you see “latex yoga mat or 99% latex free,” Everything has its reason to display it. If you see then have the reflex rubber rubber = latex / rubber!

The professionalism and seriousness of your online store is to tell you the truth about all your yoga mat so that you find the one that meets your expectations!