What Do You See When You Look in The Mirror?

I bet you look at yourself in the mirror every day. I look at myself. I always look for new defects or events in my skin, spots, pimples and imperfections, looking at the fine lines, telling if they are appearing or disappearing with my new habits. Kind of watching anyway !!
It sounds like crazy people, but everybody does. And it is through the mirror that that sincere analysis runs, of what we need to improve and what we have improved. Maybe use more moisturizer because the skin is dry, or do an exfoliation on the face, after all has accumulated dead skin, use less base because your skin is better than last week …

And just like you and me, people all over the world are analyzing right now. Can you imagine what they are thinking? What were the last tips that worked for them? What problems do they have with the skin because of climate change? How did they survive for a bad hair day last week?

Social networks help a lot in this sharing of tips and topics, but it is not always that we have time to stay connected in everything that goes there.

Imagine if there was a tool that would monitor, analyze and awaken desires of beauty in real time in social networks? Yes, O Boticario is once again fulfilling our dreams, launching an exclusive platform, the Mirror of Beauty.

The Mirror of Beauty aims to aggregate the most talked about subjects in social networks, all in real time, and offer solutions and tips for them. That way we can stay inside everything, without having to hunt down the stories in a million posts!

For example: one of the most commented subjects of these last days is Hydrated Skin. And we know that it is very difficult to keep the skin soft and hot right? Especially here in São Paulo that time does not stop changing.

So the  Mirror of Beauty already identified the subject and gave me 10 super tips on how to make my skin super hydrated!

Do you want to participate? Then talk about beauty, care, hair and makeup on your social networks! So you’re already contributing to tips on this subject! Visit the  site  and try the new tool! There you stay on top of the best tips, and you can even share them with your friends on social networks!