What Belongs in the Hospital Bag…?

A checklist for the hour X… because can be suddenly quite fast about may…!

From the 7th month of pregnancy you should your hospital bag, or Their clinical Pocket are available – many babies have it suddenly hurry and don’t wait with their arrival on the expected date of birth.

Also, it is a comforting feeling when you have everything ready for the time in the delivery room and in the hospital. Small Tip: Prepare two different bags – for the birth and the days afterwards in the hospital. Then you have everything you need for the birth, quite quickly at hand.

But even, if you are actually planning a home birth or outpatient birth, you should prepare just in case the most important things for a few days stay in the clinic.

Here a list that leaves little to be desired…

Important documents

  • Bibs
  • Identity card / passport (foreigners)
  • Insurance card of health insurance
  • Referral
  • Many clinics undertake the registration at the registry office. For this you will need: marriage certificate, to unmarried mothers birth certificate, or the book

For the delivery

  • A wide, comfortable T-Shirt or an old nightgown, which can be dirty for maternity denim trousers
  • Bathrobe (for walks through the hallway)
  • House shoes
  • Thick, warm socks (cold feet inhibit contractions)
  • Lip balm
  • Headband or hair tie, if you have long hair
  • Drinks and snacks (Granola bars, grape sugar, candies) to strengthen for you and your company
  • Music (CDs with relaxing music, IPod or MP3 player)
  • Massage oil
  • Camera (but please take a photo of the small newcomer with Flash!)
  • Glasses (if you otherwise wear contact lenses)

For the time in the clinic

  • 3 to 4 large shirts, comfortable Nightgowns or Pajamas jackets (to breastfeed should let them open up front)
  • Jogging suit or comfortable, wide pants that fit in the 6th month (directly after the birth of you not yet fit into your old clothes!)
  • 2-3 still Bras (2 size larger)
  • 1 Pack nursing pads
  • 8 old, boil briefs or disposable panties (as stretchy, so it at an eventual C-section scar hurt)
  • 1 package soft sanitary towels
  • Some Washcloths (one time Washcloths are handy) and towels. (The latter is usually the clinic take but nothing hurts.)
  • 1 roll soft toilet paper (for the sensitive area of the dam)
  • Toiletries: toothpaste and toothbrush, face cream or cream deodorant, lotion, shower gel, shampoo, comb or brush, a nail file, a small mirror, cellulose cloths, the, lip balm.
  • Address book with the most important telephone numbers
  • Notebook and pen – may be a diary?
  • Some money
  • Personal belongings such as photos, book, magazine, cuddly pillow
  • Mobile phone + charger cable

For the baby

  • Most hospitals provide diapers, before place baby clothes, etc.
  • Otherwise 2-3 of bodies, shirt and rompers in size 56-62, diapers for newborns and a few cotton cloth (cloths)
  • For the ride home: A set in size 56-62 (body, shirt, jackets, rompers, socks, wool jacket and caps)
  • In the winter: snow suit and warm baby blanket (depending on season)
  • Don’t forget: baby safety seat for the ride home!
  • Tip: Can prepare at home baby clothes for the road in the safety seat, and Papa brings then everything, when he comes to pick up you and the baby.

By the way, you don’t worry, if you all of a sudden – E.g. because a ROM – in the hospital and more have no time to grab the hospital bag. Each clinic with a small “emergency equipment” is equipped for such unforeseen cases. The only thing you really need in an emergency, is your mother pass. You should take the precaution always!