What Belongs in My Hospital Bag?

In any case, you need the following documents: your mother pass, your insurance card/supplementary insurance card and, if you have one, your allergy pass. The album is only needed if your child in the world, can pack a but quiet with it.

Helpful for the time in the delivery room:

Our midwives it says “cold feet – bad pains”. Make you feel, you pack so it’s the best a pair of thick, warm socks. This includes a comfortable, wide T-Shirt or a similar garment (it must not be a nursing Nightgown, because your child will not be anyway once after the birth on your skin). House shoes, where you have secure grip are important and in which you easily into – can slip. If you have a bathrobe, you can pack the also, but not a must.

Include for labor work in the baggage: massage oil and a hedgehog ball, as well as a lip balm (the lips through intense breathing easily dry out). Take some quiet music, which helps to relax. A birth can take longer, and it costs energy. Therefore it makes sense to have a snack here; at night, it is often difficult to arrange something in the clinic. Grape sugar, fruit, Granola bars are suitable (for your partner may also a sandwich), this may be a vacuum jug with your favorite tea. Chewing gum is good to refresh the mouth.

Insert the quiet little light reading for your partner. And if you have a camera phone, takes the best a camera for the first image.

Useful on the week station:

According to aviationopedia.com, uou need a maternity bag to pack especially comfortable clothes, that easy- and undress. Everything you wear close to the body, should be well washed, then no topic for example blood or milk stains. Belongs in your Pocket:

  • a Pajamas or a Nightgown. It is important that you can easily open the upper part or move up to breastfeed.
  • Underwear (remember: initially you’ll need thicker pads, mini briefs which have no support). Discuss what bra you should pack, best before with your midwife.
  • something comfortable for during the day. Also here, the top should be still friendly.
  • Shower things as fragrance-free and pH neutral. So your child can smell you, instead of having the nose of perfume, what babies like not much. If you an Damm seam is necessary, scented products can also burn in the seam area.
  • two towels and washcloths.

Because you want to tell yes probably some people that your baby is and how it’s going: check in advance, whether you all doing important phone number (parents, siblings, friends, midwife) or have saved.