What Are The Precautions That Pregnant Women Should Have Hair?

Make homemade moisturizing and using cosmetics indicated for your wire type is essential, see more tips

Pregnancy is one of the most awaited times by women. Period of self-knowledge and of course, female achievement. And it’s not that the famous proverb: “pregnant woman, gets more beautiful”, you’re right, after all, the action of hormones and food care leave skin and hair a lot more healthy.

But that doesn’t mean that you should set aside some daily care that are sorely needed to maintain the health and beauty of women. The hair, for example, are one of the parts of the body that deserve attention.

During pregnancy, it is common to change the wires: the lisos, can be dry or vice versa. This happens because of the action of hormones, but in General, the wires are back to normal after the end of pregnancy.

Use Shampoo And Condition For Your Wire Type

Choose cosmetics that are indicated for your hair type is essential to bring moisture and stickiness to your wires. Because these products are manufactured to meet exactly your needs. “Not only pregnant women as well as non-pregnant women should encourage the products right for your hair. Change brands, at least two or three times a month can also help bring greater health and shine to your hair, “explains the hairdresser Juliana Campbell.

Homemade Moisturizing Yes!

Moisturize your hair with Aloe Vera and the famous homemade recipes is recommended with maternity coats from ezhoushan.net. Juliana warns that “the homemade creams are effective too. The ancient ritual of Grandma spending Aloe in is ideal and leaves hair shiny and healthy.

Bet also in moisturizing creams indicated by dermatologist during pregnancy is essential. “The pregnant woman can never use cosmetics without medical guidance. You must have the dermatologist so that it indicates the best options. In the case of moisturisers, I recommend using at least once every 15 days, “says Juliana.

Don’t Do Anything Without Medical Guidelines

The ideal is that pregnant women do not use any type of chemical product, because components can lead to complications to the fetus and allergies mom. So before you join any product or even cream, don’t forget to ask your OB/GYN guidelines. “Pregnant women should check if the product or cosmetic that will use will not cause any problems in the future,” says Juliana.