What Are Smart Socks

Now we wrote on the topic of losing socks in the washing machine in our article “7 steps to not lose socks in the washing machine.” In it we shared with you important tips through which to prevent the disappearance of your favorite socks. We sincerely hope they will be useful to you!

These seven steps are up to date and will help all ordinary socks via Itypeauto.com. But we thought about it further and created an innovative solution that can quite easily ensure that your socks are not lost in the washing machine! It is called Smart socks! These “smart” socks are made ​​of cotton, nylon and spandex. As you are persuading, here they are nothing more special than any other cotton socks we offer for the ladies and gentlemen in our online store. But what makes our smart socks truly unique is their embedded system against loss in their laundry in the washing machine! It consists of buttons type “snap” that are placed in the sling. Before you put the socks in the washing machine, simply must “click” button and this way they will be washed together without worrying that one of them could disappear.

The idea of ​​placing a button in the rubber band is not accidental! This preserves and enhances the strength of themselves socks and reducing the risk of breaking them at a sharp-release.
smart socks structure complies with ergonomic requirements. These socks will not irritate your skin even opposite – will indicate its anti-allergic and antibacterial action. For this purpose, we have selected 100% natural high quality materials.
In addition to washing, smart socks system is useful in finding and grouping of socks. So you can save every pair of our “smart” socks seamlessly into the closet and have them anytime!
As each of our product and smart socks come in two varieties – smart socks ladies and smart socks men.
We hope to be satisfied with our new products!