What A Setting for What Practice?

Somehow, the framework is the backbone of the cycle, it is he who will connect all the elements and ensure the connection between them. Composed of several tubes, the framework knows several forms according to the use that is made of the bike. Today, the framework can be made of several materials: the two main ones are carbon and aluminum. Choose it will depend on the use you make of your bike: whether you’re more of a sporty or well a casual cyclist, the choice is so different.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Carbon Frame?

“The soul of the bike, it’s its framework”: suffice to say that the choice of the framework is an important moment in your life as a cyclist. The carbon framework is the most used by cyclists who seek performance because it has the advantage to improve top speed. Composite material, it has several advantages: its lightness, its resistance to the vagaries of the weather and its significant flexibility. Today there are several types of carbon fiber and therefore several levels of resistance: is more rigid, less it is comfortable and easy to handle, but more it is resistant. It is good to know that in case of shock, the carbon frame has a lot of risk to break…

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Aluminium Frame?

The aluminium frame today has the wind in its sails. Its main advantage is to be light for a very low cost of manufacturing, according to elishui. It is so in general this framework found on recreational bikes. Aluminium is an ecological material, whose sustainability is important: low risk of breaks with the aluminium frame and, above all, any chance of rust. The drawback to aluminum is that it has only a very low elasticity: If a bike equipped with this type of frame is often used, it will damage is much faster than others. And the rigidity of the whole will be affected.

How To Choose?

The ideal bicycle frame is both strong, rigid and light. Depends on then your practice and you want to focus on: comfort or performance. If you are a casual cyclist, as you ride for pleasure or for you to keep in shape, a carbon frame is not necessarily helpful. Better to focus on an aluminium frame that will withstand time. If you are sporty and looking for performance, opt for a carbon frame that will help you to exceed you without neglecting the comfort.

What Is Your Budget For A Bicycle Frame?

Executives of bikes have prices varied according to the models, the range and the design you choose. However, it appears that framework aluminium, more classic and manufactured in large series, is sold pretty cheap, while the carbon will be in higher price ranges.

Tips From The Coach

If the framework is an essential component of your bike for you and if you’re looking for performance, you need to make a good compromise between the frame and the rest of the equipment, including the wheels and tyres.