Wedding Dresses that are Transformed, 2 in 1!

One of the things that most brings the head to a wedding is the choice of dress. If you know the style, will not be difficult, but yet has decided it, tries to try on various designs. When see you them posts, you will have it clear!

There are many brides who are not decided by one, but by two or three and wear different dresses in the ceremony, banquet and dance. This is not something that is within the reach of somebody, already on a wedding dress is a great investment to buy two. In addition, will think up as if on a day almost not enough time to enjoy the dress in a few hours less still.

There is an alternative for which we only have budget for a dress! Many firms have designed convertible wedding dresses, i.e., that they are two models into one. Bringing in dress, you can wear two different styles of wedding day.

A change of the most popular is to pass the long to the short dress. Many brides want to go at the ceremony with a long dress of Princess and impress your guests, but when it comes to dance, want to be comfortable without sacrificing the bridal look. These dresses have ease of dismantling the volume skirt and expose another more mini.

Other changes seeking comfort is to remove the tail of the dress. If you want to walk down the aisle with an impressive tail, but the rest of the wedding will never want to bump into it, you can afford it with these designs! You have a dress with volume, you will pass to another that the figure marks more.

Other models simply can change the style of a dress with a tulle or lace over. A more romantic model for the ceremony and other more fresh for the rest of the wedding.

Don’t miss a single wedding dress when you can take two with this trick. An original alternative. Did you like this option?

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