Wedding Decoration with Color, Welcome!

Franz and Olivia of have given the yes-word in 2010. During the planning of the wedding decoration they quickly found that it was not so easy to fruition their idea of wedding decorations: colorful lanterns and pom Pom ´ s had to be ordered mainly from the USA, which is, of course, in addition to long delivery times with high Shipping costs.

Nevertheless, colourful lanterns and garlands were ordered, because both could not forget the beautiful concept of colorful lanterns hanging out on the wedding party. After the wedding and the many compliments to the decoration quickly came the idea to provide your decorating ideas for couples quickly and bundled: the online-shop was born!

The many beautiful lanterns and pompoms have also become the hallmark of, even if these are only one aspect of the well-fitted online shop: from Eulchenlichterketten to the sweet deer Bierdeckel with the matching straws – fans of beautiful Things Come here at your expense! New in the assortment are the beautiful XL-pom Pom ´ s.

Olivia has made a helpful and pretty video: The big paper flowers have to be treated carefully! But once folded and hung, they look beautiful and cover the wedding or the wedding table in dreamlike colors!

Olivia is a graphic designer and responsible for the color composition of the products in the online shop. Especially practical is the ‘ Search by color ‘ option, i.e. the possibility to search for decoration ideas from in the shop in color. If you are looking for a specific color scheme, you save precious time in the planning!

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We wish you a lot of fun while browsing the online-shop! Pompom on!

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