Wearing Running Leggings

Style and fashion professionals Getachew S and David Horn, criticized the use of the vulgar leggings women in public places recently.

Women were encouraged to obtain a full body mirror and, if necessary, to consider for DOUCHING for adult occupants.

What about the men and street aesthetics? If a woman only for her guard dog? Aspiring to the family jewels in the practice of revealing the makkarankuorimaisia running a long Jersey will use mieshölkkääjät as the Mutts away with it?

The Finns, it is said to even come in the arm, if it gets for free. And a Finnish man wears pants, traditionally even though his wife’s sock if it enhances athletic performance.

Then came running tights.

Whether New Jersey, brave men and their own life top athletes call urban kiusaantuneisuutta without making any number? Rikoo is a risk an ugly, sang the Red Jumpsuit for a long time before the current rage.

The video above shows the seven key questions for men’s running trikoista.

Style consultant David Horn, is the thing just sets, when along the city vilistelee paljastavissa trikoissa men designed for?

–If you are going to do the sports performance, then it is.

Whether it is a man always ready to dishonour himself, if it improves your performance?

-I hope not, at least not at the expense of style.

Whether it’s smart for us to take, for example, the Helsinki leggings can measure men’s bodies?

–It is just a question of what one human type looking to address. I do not even view them. After doing the exercise performance, running tights are good. Of course, you have to remember that Yes, it’s a full body mirror should be immersed in huusholleista.
Sometimes it was used in the summer, even wearing shorts while running?

– you see them more and more, but, of course, less. It is this aerodynamics and new cool remain intelligent materials that have come through the top of the sport. They are more appealing.

You do not see the aesthetic problem in pullistumissa?

– I do not view them.

I mean style as a professional?

– I have always said that an appropriate dress code is a starting point. I do not see any bulging. Are not interested in. It is my view.

Does the rest of the world in major cities as a lot of men running a long Jersey?

– Are they not so much a part of the city.

Why In Finland?

– Here, everything about the criterion is the overall comfort. It feeds on style points.

Would you recommend for men wearing shorts running on top of the trikoiden?

– How each. Everyone has his own lookinsa the blacksmith, thinks it’s a style consultant David Horn.

Whether it is the situation of the Finnish men’s running clothing, fashion expert and author of the most aesthetically Manager Getachew S?

-they are intended for running, it is in fact an essential thing. Few cities people want, however, to run long distances in urban areas. For example, in New York City to run in Central Park.

–If even in Central Europe want to run in the Park trikoissa, they verhoutuvat on the way to the park for a thin shortseilla that do not press any of the keep.

–Running tights was a top-sport and then they started to become a hobbyist. City in the circumstances, it is, of course, a reason to enshroud themselves a little säädyllisemmin than chewing gum on the track.

If, for example, the city of Helsinki Töölönlahti circumstance?

–Töölönlahti is still in the Park, and there may be more of a sallivuutta, but if you run the Töölö or through the street of the past or there, where people will walk to their place of work, the same may not be appropriate.