Wearing Contact Lenses and Makeup

Those who use contact lenses should follow a few simple rules in more during the trick.

First of all, and trust is not always as obvious as it may seem, those who wear contact lenses should always wear them before you wear makeup. In this way prevents makeup particles to pass under the lens, thus avoiding to make his eyes water and pour the trick. The powder tends to slip between the eye and the lens, for this reason it is mandatory to choose a liquid or cream eyeshadow. Even the eyeliner is preferable to use it only on the upper eyelid and not the bottom, to avoid that the product goes under the lens and prevent irritation and itching according to Health-beauty-guides.

The soft pencils are preferred as well as waerproof mascara. The pencil inside the eye is not recommended. Also with regard to powder and foundation, it is always better to use cream products. For the choice of make-up to rely more and hypoallergenic products without fragrances. The fragrances are often very aggressive and may damage the lens and cause eye irritation. In the market there are different high-tolerance products, studied and tested to be used in conjunction with contact lenses. Avoid applying mascara at the base of the lashes, but only from mid-length to avoid contact with the lenses. Never apply fake eyelashes, because the glue used for the application is harmful to the lenses.

Another very useful advice is to remove make-up before removing the lenses.

Warning: if you are lazy and lens care there is hard, do prescribe daily contact lenses. This way you will not have to worry about cleaning and maintenance, but simply throwing them in the evening. Ideal for those who wear glasses sporadically preferring glasses for everyday use.