Wear What Underwear Under My Dress

With the approach of spring, you want to hang a short dress wearing trend. But you do not know what kind of wear lingerie under your dress. Engen dress, asymmetrical dress, strapless dress, short dress … It is a kind of underwear for every kind of dress. We help you to make your laundry you beautiful and sexy this summer.

The strapless dress

The choice is easy! Absolutely wear a strapless bra underneath your strapless dress. The bra straps are not suitable for cutting your strapless dress. The straps break the charm of your clothing. Let your bare shoulders and upper back. After all, you have this dress for sexy and glamorous details. The same is true for the asymmetric dress. Wear a strapless bra or else choose a bra with a strap.

The tight dress

If there is a tight dress is, you have to think twice before your maternity lingerie. The goal is to choose or which is almost invisible leaving no unsightly stains on your clothes down. Avoid anything that is not so discreet bra bra with thong with ruffles or frills. Opt for a push-up bra made ​​from tulle. It is unnoticed and your chest will be sublimated. You can send a line on the pants and boxer who safely left very visible marks on your clothes. Bet on the C string also called invisible cord. The special shape at all tight clothing appropriate.

Short dress

If your short dress is not fit, you have the choice between a thong, boxers and panties. Think about your comfort! You can also wear a pair beautify skin-colored tights your legs finesse. We do not recommend wearing a garter with pair of stockings. Now that you know what to wear underwear under your dress, do not hesitate to crack for many collections of our site wholesaler of clothing.