We Watched The Parades Of SPFW 31 And Elect The Highlights For The Next Heat

The Veterans
Pedro Lourenço showed a capsule collection designedespecially for the Brazilian market and that could have been inspired by the movie the cheating. A seventies modern atmosphere dominated the collection, with low-cut dresses and trench-coats. Alexandre Herchcovitch sought references in a Marilyn Monroe without any cliché, with superelegantes parts and perfume of the years 1950.Despite the inspiration coming straight from the time tunnel, everything is very modern and contemporary.
Creations of Reinaldo Lourenco and Tufi Duek
The collection of Reinaldo Lourenco began to be thought of as a matter of fact, on the subway in London, on the way to a new year’s Eve party. He realized that all the people were packed with pomp and circumstance, but in a context entirely street – and created a collection for women, chic but unpretentious. For the Tufi Duek, Eduardo Pombal launched the minicomprimentos, which won the company of strappy back, marked waistlines and busts. All to rescue a good silhouette, female there the years 1950 and 1960.
Creations by Paula Ray and Gloria Coelho
Expert in creating dresses, Paula Lane bet in this concept, but this time her long toyed with the game of fluidityand structure. With the role of sisal and raffia, tailoredpieces of rustic luxury. In the parade of Gloria Coelho, the party looks appeared punctuated by long and shortdresses, with many transparencies, as well as boot leather or fabric on tulle ilusion, in colors ranging from silver to gold.
Creations by Lilly Sarti and Lolitta | Photo: Joe Takahashi/Agency Fotosite
If you depend on the designer Lilly Sarti, the mood navajo-deluxe takes care of summer 2015. The parade has opted for pieces like the fluid skirts, gowns and hoodsof devorê silk, with designs and motifs that refer to the universe of the Wild West. Lolita Hannud, Lolitta, soughtinspiration in Mexico for your collection of premiere atSPFW. The mission was to rearrange his famous bandage dresses, used by nine out of 10 fashionistas of the high society of Sao Paulo in gala events.
Giuliana Romana creations and Wagner Kallieno | Photo: Joe Takahashi/Agency Fotosite
Giuliana Romana invested what else knows: tailoring cool and sexy in equal measure. Cracks, tressês and shines right on time updated the urban uniform. Wagner Kallieno paid tribute to its origins by looking at the Rio Grande do Norte, and the Sun gave the guys at that embroidery decorated part of the looks and the Golden effectthat scored a few pieces, obtained thanks to the mixture of metal wire the natural fabrics such as linen and silkwool.
The Marks
Pieces from the collection summer Forum and Ellus | Photo: Joe Takahashi/Agency Fotosite
For the Forum, the designer Marta Ceribelli used as theme the brazilian flora and printed your urban style andsmart. By Felipe, the Orchid Garden turned into a pattern almost. The Ellus did what he knows: denim. Shapes and classic moulds emerged updated by noble fabrics and high-tech processes. jacquard won raffia aspect, while the satin made the times of croco and the rent tookplastic version.
Animale parts, Colcci and Triton | Photo: Joe Takahashi/Agency Fotosite
The Priscila Darolt Animale presented a collection with exquisite details (especially with regard to work with embroidery and leather navalhado LaTeX). The work of artist Maria Bonomi, were recreated à la woodcut prints. The parade of Colcci proposed a fresh style and young –and the highlight was for a more feminine, with tops used under light coats. A class of Japanese dolls, comingdirectly from the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, took over the parade of the Triton. Multicolored jacquards combined with delicately Embroidered silk organza with another pattern floral, cherry blossom.
The Details
The precious details of catwalk

Always accessories make all the difference in the fashion shows and in many cases they steal the thunder of thelook. Split up some of the details that more attention inseason sets: handbags and wallets, passing by bracelets, unusual structure sandals, here’s some of what will be discussed next summer.