We pick the 10 best World Cup uniforms

The World Cup began and more than many goals, what we have seen is a style show on the field. The justinhas shirts of the Uruguayans, created by Puma, or as green and yellow color of Brazil, designed by Nike, selections not saved in visual.
We here of Donna solved this dispute fashion and elect our 10 favorite uniforms. And you chose your favorite? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook.
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1. Brazil
Our favorite, of course, is the Berne brazilian selection! The novelty in the Green and yellow mantle is the Y-collar, different from what players they used in the last World Cup, in 2010. Produced by Nike, the tupiniquim costume also gained details on the sleeve. Apparently, the changes are giving luck to our boys, right? Neymar say.
2. Ghana
The selection is one of the uniform made by Puma, which brought the world the slim fit technology. That is, the shirts are justinhas in the body thanks to a tape, called ACTV, which compresses and stimulates some muscles during the match. They don’t look like superheroes in the field? The detail is of multicolored kente, tribal pattern that appears on the collar and on the sleeve.
3. Portugal
Cristiano Ronaldo’s team won completinho in red costume. With horizontal stripes in different sizes, the shirt still won the country’s emblem on his chest with the inscriptions 1914-2014, reminiscent of the 100 years of the country. Fun fact: did you know that the Portuguese shirt, produced by Nike, is one of the most sold in the world?
4. Spain

The fury can even already have been fired from the World Cup, but while you were on the lawns, used one of the most beautiful shirts. Superstars like – also muso! -Sergio Ramos (in the photo, saying goodbye in the last match played at the world) played with the uniform made by Adidas. In addition to shields, the shirt still takes traditional three stripes of the shoulders. The novelty is that the full Uniform including shorts and long socks, appear in red with Golden details.
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5. Japan

As expected, the mantle of Japan is in blue and red. The detail is of textured tracks that do mention the shine of the Sun and cross the shield of the country’s Football Association. Also made by Adidas, the Blue Samurai shirt brings the three tracks features blank, shoulders.
6. Cameroon
Another African selection in the uniform more beautiful! Also produced by Puma, the justinhas shirts of Cameroonians bring textures typically African designs. The lion, a symbol of the team of Samuel Eto’o, on the right side of the chest.
7. Italy
More a selection that has the blue as dominant color. Manufactured by Puma, the shirts have classic polo collar with buttons – unlike most selections, which opts for the collars. The colors of the flag also appear in the coat of arms and on the sleeve.
8. Uruguay
The traditional celeste color of Uruguay appeared in one of the shirts more justinhas this World Cup-and that caused a lot of controversy among men. Women, of course, loved it! Also developed by Puma, the uniform WINS Golden lines and collar leaked. The shield, which won a textured Sun around.
9. Switzerland
Coladinha to the body as the rest of the Cougar, the shirt of the holders of Switzerland is simple, but one of the most beautiful in the world. The Red prevails and WINS details blank lines on the chest and sleeves.
10. France

Probably the color it in blue uniforms, sets the tone of the selection of Les Bleus. Simple and classic, the shirt collar polo and also a white button, same color on the Nike logo is printed.