Waterproof Mummy Type Sleeping Bag

If you like to go camping or make occasional trips to the field, and the winter is able to take you back, can you interests by this bargain that we have seen. It is this waterproof OUTAD Mummy type sleeping bag in blue color that you can buy at just 32.79 euros during the rest of today until 23:30 hours or until stocks run out since it is a Offer Flash, just a couple of euros above their historical minimum price.

This waterproof sleeping bag is Mummy type, this means that it is wider at the top and narrower at the feet, being a more efficient in retaining heat design since the amount of air in the interior of the bag is smaller. In addition to weighs less (exactly this weighs 1.6 kilos) and takes up less space than straight sacks because it requires less material. As for the dimensions of the sleeping bag tell you which are the following: 190 centimeters in length; 75 cm of width of shoulders and foot width 30 cm, while that compression bag dimensions are 38 cm high and 25 cm diameter. The sleeping bag is indicated for camping outdoor not below – 10 ° C temperature and your comfort temperature would be environment between 5-10 ° C. In terms of manufacturing materials I mention that the outside of the bag fabric is Nylon 210T, consisting of a matte fabric resistant to water, wind and moisture; polyester for the inner fabric and cotton for filling. It has a zipper with velcro protection, to prevent the sack is unfolding when we are inside and also to prevent the zipper head to bother in the head.

As you can see, it is a product that has very good valuations, since the 27 opinions registered by users, nothing less that 22 will give you the highest score, counting with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5.

Satisfied, I slept at 2200 meters inside the tent and slept without spending anything cold and that he spent the night raining.

I bought this sleeping bag for use in the desert of Morocco, and overcame more than frost of the desert (- 8 ° C), it is also very comfortable.

You know, if you’re thinking about going camping or hiking to some exotic place where the adventure takes you to sleep more than one day and two outdoors, a sleeping bag as this OUTAD becomes a traveling companion essential to pass the nights warm and dry. Remember that it is an Offer Flash, so do not think much to get your sleeping bag.