Waterproof Cordless Phone Promises to Cancel External Noises

The Air headset comes equipped with wireless technology and features a water resistant body, ideal for sportsmen, for example.One of the highlights of the device is the Hi-Fi acoustic system, with high sound quality and noise isolation, which provides greater immersion in audio.With carbon fiber body, the accessory has a battery that can last up to 15 hours of music and 20 hours of talk time.

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The handset project has already surpassed by more than 600% of the $ 50,000 ($ 161,000, direct conversion) production target at the Indiegogo collective financing site.The model is priced from US $ 99 (R $ 319, current exchange, without tax calculation) and free delivery in Brazil.

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To offer more comfort, the Air earphone has ergonomic design, and according to the manufacturer, is the first in the world with 99.8% carbon nanotube (CNT) membrane structure.This increases durability and helps keep the design compact.The accessory fits into the ear (in-ear) securely and with silicone connectors, offering different sizes to customize the use.The case for carrying the handset also allows an extra charge of three hours of battery life.

The water resistance is IPX6, against splashes and sweat, ideal for listening to music during physical activities.The accessory also has Bluetooth 4.2 and built-in microphone, with noise cancellation to make clearer voice calls.The size of each headset is 25.6 x 17 x 12 mm, available in black and white colors via Computerannals.com, with case in cylinder format, measuring 132.5 x 30 mm.Settings for equalization and more settings on the handset can be made in a unique app, available for Android and iOS (iPhone).

The device can even be paired with Amazon’s Echo, iPhone’s Siri, Alexa voice wizard , or Google’s assistant, to make it easier to do day-to-day action.The integrated cable is USB-C standard for USB.For more technical information, the audio driver has a 5.2 mm frequency response of 8Hz-24KHz and a capacity of 30mW.Shipping after purchase is scheduled for January 2017, with a one-year warranty.