Water Resistant Earphone: Models Are Suitable for Sports

Buying a waterproof and sweat earphone is a good choice for those who enjoy playing sports listening to their favorite music.Good models are available in the national market, costing from R $ 44 and there are options with traditional cable or with Bluetooth technology, to pair with the cell phone.

Bluetooth headset has wearable charger and various ear adapters

In some headsets at ELECTRONICSENCY.com it is even possible to answer phone calls and all offer sporty in-ear design, which fit the ears for more comfort while practicing your sport.Check out this list six headphones with data sheet and price.

1) JBL Yurbuds Leap 100

To start with a top model, the Yurbuds Leap headset features an ergonomic design and TwistLock technology, which offers a secure fit to keep your ear from falling out during exercise.It is intra-auricular, water resistant and sweat.The model offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to listen to your music without cables.There is a rechargeable battery, which has more than six hours of autonomy, and three command buttons to answer calls and manage music.The price in Brazil is from $ 400 in online stores.

2) Philips SHQ 3300

The Philips headset offers adjustable hooks to fit the ears, with greater comfort and safety for practicing physical activities.The model offers waterproof and sweat resistant design and is connected via cable, with the traditional P2 (3.5 mm) in mobile phones.The measurements are 175 x 95 x 25 mm weighing 33 g.It is intra-auricular, with rubbers of different sizes, that can be changed.The sensitivity is 107 dB with power of 6-24,000Hz.The handset is sold from $ 130 at Brazilian online stores and can be found in the colors green, orange and pink.

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3) Sony Active Sports

The Sony model has adjustable brackets that fit on the outside of the ear to prevent the handset from falling during exercise.The design is sporty and waterproof and moisture resistant, with ergonomic in-ear earbuds for added comfort.The handset needs to be connected via cable, which is 1.2m, works with the traditional P2 (3.5mm) plug, which can be used in the cell phone or iPod.Sony Active can be found in the national market in orange, white and black, priced from $ 99.

4) Philips SHQ 1300

The model has an in-ear fitting and “C” -shaped locking, which promises to securely attach to your ears with greater safety.Sound is open acoustic with audio power with 10mW and cable with P2 (3.5mm) plug.Priced from $ 67, the handset can be purchased in colors green with gray, orange and pink with gray.

5) Multilaser Atrio ES081

The design of the headset is completely plastic, waterproof coated, which holds up to 3 m deep.It also has an internal memory of 4 GB that allows you to transfer your music to MP3 and WMA via USB cable.There is a clip to attach to the ears, in addition to the intra-auricular rubber, which offers greater security not to fall during the training and physical exercises.The model comes at a price from R $ 64 in stores online.

6) Sport 5IVE

To close the list, a complete and economical headset, which offers Bluetooth 4.0, to use without the need for wires, and built-in microphone to answer calls on the cell phone.The price is from R $ 49 in national stores.The battery is rechargeable and the model also offers sweat and water resistant design.The headset is in-ear with rubber hooks for added comfort during use.There is external noise blocker and acoustic sound insulation.The size is 30 x 30 x 20 mm and it comes with carrying case, for safe storage.

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