Walkman WS610, Waterproof that Doubles as Headset Bluetooth MP3 Player

This week, Sony has launched a new MP3 player designed for those who perform physical activity. The NWZ-WS610 Walkman has Bluetooth connection and is resistant to water, allowing you to use it when you run, ride or practice swimming.It includes an easy command center so that you can select the music you want to hear.

Walkman WS610, Waterproof that Doubles as Headset Bluetooth MP3 Player

The equipment has been designed to be comfortable, and safe for you to exercise without worrying about your team MP3.Headphones also have specially designed so you can use it when you’re in the shower or swimming training. The team has resistance to water level IPX5/IPX8 (IEC 60529).

Bluetooth connection allows you to access the music you have stored in your smartphone to have greater memory capacity, according to cellphoneexplorer. In this way not only you can listen to what you have stored in the memory of your Walkman but that you can also access music on Internet, such as Music Unlimited, Spotify, or YouTube through the connection of your smartphone services. On the other hand through the Bluetooth can be aware of notifications and calls that come into your phone.

Ring-type remote control allows you to control the playback of the music and accept calls when you are moving. The NWZ-WS610 Walkman will easily match with smartphones via NFC technology.

You can also download the Sony SongPal application on your mobile phone, allowing you to control Walkman from your phone, browsing tracks by artist or album, and by changing the settings of quality of music according to your tastes.Loading music on your Walkman is also a simple process, just connect the Walkman NWZ-WS610 to your PC and drag the files. It is compatible with the Linear PCM, MP3, WMA and AAC audio formats.

Will be sold in three color options: black, blue, and green lime. The new player of MP3 Walkman NWZ-WS610, resistant to water and with Bluetooth connection, will be available in Europe from the beginning of October this year.