Walkman Phone for 60 Euro

Phones in the winter sales: we have discontinued models found, which now conveniently are classic – the ultra-thin Nokia 6500 to camera experts Sony Ericsson K800i with real Flash.

A dozen bargain high-flyer, visit the following pages – our photo gallery reveals 22 more phones that are no longer farmers, sure, but really cheap.

For example the Sony Ericsson W200i, a first-class Walkman phone, which while not has much to offer in addition to the good music player and phone functions, in exchange costs but only a measly 60 euro is one of the top bargains.

Also under the 100-euro border remains the with seven millimetres, still thinnest phone in the German market, the Samsung SGH-X 820-for that you need to pay only 85 euro. The twelve cheap hits are a colorful mixture of insider tips and success models-all of them now as cheap as never before.

Discontinued Models Up To 100 Euro

Surprisingly many good devices cavort among the 100-euro price limit. We present you here the four best. More models you can find in the photo gallery.
Sony Ericsson W200i
The W200i does its big brother, the W810i bestseller, is extremely similar to but slightly slimmed down the equipment. It is aimed at price-conscious Walkman fans, but still high quality and solidly built.

In the test made no rough Patzer is the W200i but impressed with a sophisticated music player, good battery endurance and appealing design. When delivering a total of approximately 150 MByte memory including 128-MByte memory card are free.

Motorola MOTORIZR Z3
Top processing without rough edges: thus, as well as with its extravagant design the MOTORIZR can score right beforehand. Well in the image, the quality quite ordinary shots of the 2 mega pixel camera fit there with LED illuminator.

Other advantages of the compact and lightweight MOTORIZR: long battery life and ease of use. The Z3 is currently ranked 104 in our leaderboard.

Samsung SGH-X 820
The slimmest phone in the German market: With only seven millimeters thick has the SGH-X 820 this predicate backed up – and held the record until today.Small shock: height of the 2-megapixel camera’s however instead of the seven smooth two Millimeterm more measures.

The camera delivers respectable images and also the remaining facilities of the well processed X 820 can be seen: triband, music player, Bluetooth, USB and a viewer for Office and PDF files.

LG Chocolate
The facilities of the LG Chocolate differs very little from that of KG320S and should be sufficient for less sophisticated multimedia able. The touch-sensitive control buttons of the slider phones will make the difference.

With 16 mm housing has been relatively slim, it made a solid impression in the test. The equipment is straightforward: GPRS, megapixel camera and music player with decent sound. Unfortunately, an expandable memory is missing. Extraordinary: the supplied adapter for plug headphones.

Discontinued Models Up To 150 Euro

In addition to classics such as the Sony Ericsson W880i or the design nerd Samsung SGH-F300, devices like the W660i, an insider’s tip with good price-performance ratio and the chic “banana” Motorola MOTO Z8 can be found in this price range.

Sony Ericsson W660i
The W660i is a very solid phone, where, it has enough to the test of time, even for the top 10 on the leaderboard. Already there the W660i price performance was worth a tip-back then it took another whopping 270 euro. It brings UMTS video telephony, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0, and a 2-megapixel camera and a good music player.

The supplied headset can be heard. The 512 MB card supplied is sufficient for the first batch of MP3 files. Larger capacity cards retrofit remains nevertheless essential.

Sony Ericsson W880i
Walkman and flat: the music phone W880i is despite his only 10 millimeters thick very well equipped – the mobile leaderboard’s is currently in 57th place. It can boast memory a powerful music player and a GB.

The camera does not, however over the usual two mega pixels. Other features: good phone features UMTS and a fast pace of work.

Samsung SGH-F300
The SGH-F300 throws a GByte memory in the pan. It also attracts buyers with an original display and operating concept: on the front of a mini screen displays just the bare necessities.

The back, however, is committed fully to the multimedia widescreen and Navi touch keys. Another crucial argument for the F300: Its battery lasted a continuous talk of nearly five hours in the test. Owner of the ultra music mobile phones with a long breath, to only 130 euro.

Motorola MOTO Z8
“Banana” with lush scope of delivery – even the film “the Bourne Identity” is on the included 512 MB memory card. Anyway, the MOTO Z8 is a multimedia master and shows weaknesses in the PDA section.Surfing works well and thanks to HSDPA also quite quickly – the display is making its contribution to a good picture.

The 2 mega pixel camera is not a lot to expect. The sound of the music player in the test was able to convince all the more. Luxury: also a Bluetooth stereo headset is included in the package. The chic design does its part to the attractiveness of the innovative slider Z8 to increase – a real recommendation.

Discontinued Models Up To 200 Euro

The price range of the bestseller: Both the 6500 classic, as the Sony Ericsson K800i and the N73 Music Edition can pride themselves on an above-average popularity with buyers. There’s really no valid reason why not even the LG Viewty should include.

Nokia 6500 classic
The 6500 classic is Nokia’s first ultra flat phone – it’s just 9.5 millimeters thick and a real eye catching. Apart from the chic design that has mobile music player, 2 megapixel camera and UMTS – a quite ordinary facilities. GByte memory in the 6500 classic is likely buyers are happy, even if he is not extensible.

Menu and also handling the Flachmannes convinced in the test. Surf mini is available in the 6500 classic of the Opera browser. The cell phone battery last about 3 hours at continuous load via EwenZhou.

Sony Ericsson K800i
3.2 megapixel resolution may take “Cyber-shot” a camera phone the name – thus also the main target group should be clear. The photos of the K800i can be accordingly, the camera offers a wide variety of functions and setting options.

Still quite rare in mobile phones: the K800i illuminates his paintings with a real Flash. Sony Ericsson however has refused an optical zoom. Also the other facilities can be seen.

LG KU990 Viewty
3-inch touchscreen, HSDPA and a good browser intus: you need what more for speedy surfing via mobile phone. The KU990 also brings a real Xenon Flash, a 5-megapixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach lens and many setting possibilities: ISO, macro mode, scene modes, continuous shooting, zoom with jog dial.

LG has also thought of an image stabilizer. Bonus video: the Viewty takes pictures at up to 120 frames per second. This high frame rate allows nice slow motion shots – particularly for fast-moving subjects.

Nokia N73 Music Edition
The compact smartphone N73 need in terms of business, nor with its multimedia features to hide. An arbitrarily Extensible contact database, a good Internet browser, quick Office, Acrobat Reader and-not least-a 3-megapixel camera. The strong sound MP3 player can be heard.

The Music Edition Nokia contains a 2 GB card (miniSD) on the way. So much memory in the scope of delivery is not de rule even with current mobile phones.