Waleska Gorczevski Fashion Spot

Black shirt, denim skirt, sneakers, face clean and natural. This is how the model of Gorczevski is presented for Waleska interview followed by video and photo shoot at the headquarters of the Diary of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis. Front of a distracted, don’t seem anything like that I modeled for Chanel runway turned into supermarket and airport, opened for Marc Jacobs in New York or made international debut in Paris on (already) nostalgic Dior of Raf Simons. However, for the more attentive, the blase style to the extreme, with pinches of a charming distraction close very well with a natural, simple and true side as desired by the current fashion for that industry to renew. The truth was never so sexy. And Waleska is the opposite of its predecessors: instead of travelling, shopping, prefers the beach, skateboarding and bike. In place of the glamorous parties pos-desfile watered the champagne, natural feeding and flirting with veganism.

“Gisele Bündchen pants”, model Marlon Teixeira more important today

13-year-old model calls attention to the similarity with Gisele Bundchen

At the age of 18 years, the catarinense de Franco have been all around the world. Record of parades in weeks, both national and international-in 2014, crossed walkways and 170 last year, paraded for marks – 49, live in New York and accumulates miles between castings and campaigns. But the girl traveled, with green eyes and angelic face, pretty much keeps the girl in the Campeche Beach, in the South of the island, you never thought to follow the career of model, not drew nothing sets and probably never has bought a Vogue in life. On the other hand, she grew up safe and surrounded by a structured family who knew how to teach the value of simplicity and the brothers, also beautiful Cedric and Elysa. Without a shred of dazzle, Waleska is smart and has that modern beauty that morphs easily into different characters. Almost a blank screen.

-The only brand I know of heard was Chanel. I feel that people expected me to be more vain or more in fashion, what didn’t happen. On the other hand, I can spend 5 hours in a casting but I’m not kind: “that sucks”, I think it’s cool. I always think that it’s worth it because it’s an incredible show. And the clothes are cool. When you’re wearing there has to be a respect for clothes, be careful and that we demonstrate on the catwalk. They put a Princess, a Princess, if you’re a rocker, you become a rock-view of the manezinha discovery when you came home from school, at the age of 14 years.

The naturalness with which faces a runway broadcast live to the whole world is another advantage.

-The Waleska is not anxious and I don’t get nervous – tells the mother, Silvana, which accompanies the interview along with his son Cedric.

Of Campeche to Chelsea

Together, the whole family moved to New York when she needed from, to 16 in January 2014. A year earlier, still in the season he spent in São Paulo, her mother came to live in the apartment with 18 girls.

-The models loved. Asked her advice-recalls about the time that Rajneesh was national record holder of parades before conquering the same feat on the international catwalks.

In Yankee land, knowing cope very well with the emotional side, in addition to speaking English, communicating with ease at the time of the work, also featured points in favour.

-People get surprised with a brazilian who spoke English – recalls the mother, a physical education teacher who Waleska and his brothers inherited the tall body type.

Linked in art, Waleska always liked to draw and the hobby also draws attention to the backstage.

-Producers are too plugged-in rolls beyond the catwalk, backstage, or even on Instagram, in social media – reveals Silvana on the daughter, who also maintains a channel of videos on YouTube, which shows your work routine.

The example than 11 between 10 girls would say, the inspiration of the new face is Gisele Bündchen.

– May seem cliche, but I like her attitude, she passes a philosophy of life, as well as Angelina Jolie. I also want to do something for others-Waleska account.

In fact, the presentation of Colcci last São Paulo Fashion Week, Waleska opened the parade taking the traditional rank of Gisele, what did some experts call the successor of übermodel.

For here, as he prepares to return to New York, this time alone, Waleska just star your first cover in Elle December publication that brought up the topic of female empowerment and crashed under the photo of the model PB phrase: “my clothes aren’t an invitation”

-Was a strong message. It’s really cool help open people’s minds. We are in the 21 century.

Most amazing

At first I was very innocent, was the parade and then I saw the importance. My international debut was at Dior in Paris. Then, in my first season, I did Marc Jacobs. I didn’t know it was going to open the walkway until it is time to start. They gave me a plate with the number 1 to do the test and I was like, man, I’m the 1? My God! ” The parade was a giant, was very exciting.


I loved making the (parade) of the supermarket. I was amazed they could have done a whole (film) only supermarket with things from Chanel. It was like a party. Karl (Lagerfeld, designer of the brand) is much like we see: all black and not a lot of people, but you see the respect of everyone around the importance of it. Chanel was one of the only brands that I already knew. Is that I lived here in Campeche (justified, laughing).


The hardest part is having to get used to things. Everything changes fast. Spindles, travel, airports, different countries. Must have focus in order not to get lost. And also learn what not part. I say to my colleagues: never take it personally. There are times when they will love you and there are times when they don’t want you.


I always wanted to do something. At the beginning I was looking on YouTube, which is where I wanted to learn more about how it was a casting, for example, but I didn’t like it was real. Because, actually, is not an easy thing. Sometimes you have to face up to 15 castings a day, sit on the floor, wait. I wanted to show all that. Use the phone and pretend I’m doing Snap (laughs), is something personal, people have fun and so I did all last season.


Not short ballad. Out there I’m not going to guess wrong. I am there to work and to do things for my well-being. At bedtime I’ll sleep. I’ve been at parties p贸s-desfiles. These are cool because everybody there, you dance with the seamstresses and even the Raf Simons (ex-estilista from Dior). But I think it’s important to be focused, it’s easy to get lost in thousands of ways.

In Floripa

I’m well. My head back to school. I’m with my friends, go to the beach, skateboard and bike. I love shut up at home.


I’m not spending. I like to dress very comfortable, so I don’t spend a lot with that. And give us a lot. As part of the cache, you can go to the store and pick up some pieces. I think in the future and know that at work in a month you can work hard and the other, doing nothing. My dad has a degree in business administration and helps me take care of it.


Like design (the father Walter Pereira is also designer), but I don’t know if I’d do something connected to fashion. I also like photography. I want to keep traveling, I don’t think I could ever stop traveling. And one day I’ll try to do a College of art, drawing.


I do a lot of parades, but want to do more campaigns. I think it’s nice to open other doors, make more commercial works. It’s nice to make magazines, see once I was in Times Square (laughs).

Power supply

I changed my power supply for six months. Not like anything from animal origin, but I can’t say I am vegan because, among other things, vegan does not use leather, for example, which at that time would limit my work. My mother and sister also changed the food with me. I made pictures for the Stella McCartney (not yet released) and it was nice when she knew I was a vegetarian. I admire her work.