Vintage Watches for Mens

Let us now the classic among the writing instruments – MONTBLANC masterpiece. Really you must not say likely much. Except that MONTBLANC has reissued this fountain pen in a beautiful matte black version. According to the manufacturer the famous filler looked also 110 years ago-at least, what comes to the surface. At that time used a material called Ebonite, which came with piano keys, mouthpieces of wind instruments and tobacco pipes used for the MONTBLANC writing instruments. Today, MONTBLANC uses a resin called resin for its writing instruments. As well, this filler is so or so pretty unobtrusive, wohlgefomt and noble. The spring is hand-crafted from 585er/14 K gold and ruthenium-coated. Who doesn’t know ruthenium, it belongs to the so-called platinum metals. Of course there is the MONTBLANC masterpiece not only as piston filler, but also as a ball-point pen, roller ball and co.

Who now one of these pens to call his own, or would like to give away (the recipient person is definitely a lucky guy), which should do so at best this year. According to the press release, there will be this variation only in 2016. But: If you are looking, you will find a copy of this pen after 2016.

Price: The “small” variant of this filler, MONTBLANC masterpiece ultra Black Classique, there are MONTBLANC-online store for 575 euros on The somewhat impressive variant master piece ultra Black LeGrand 690euros. The “cheapest” writing in this series is the pen-he is 415 euros.

Source: As I said, you’ll find the Mont Blanc ultra black series in the Hotel’s own online store.Advantage: Here you get the original direct from the manufacturer definitely. In fact, these products also at amazon (affiliate link) are available. Here, you should definitely check out the dealer and researching something.

Another small tip on the edge: as vintage fan, as I am one, you can of course also look on ebay for old MONTBLANC writing instruments. Also very interesting. It took already the one or two hour me 😉

Manufacturer’s Web site: Our site.

So far my writing tips on gifts for men. I hope that there was something for everyone. And don’t forget: it’s up the gesture and the idea with the is-not necessarily paid the price. My most precious writing instrument is a red Parker pen you get already for a few euros. But: My grandfather has him a long time ago given me-with the words: “so you’re always a good student and can write with.” Grandfathers just. Priceless.