Vintage and Retro Room

The best references of vintage and retro-style rooms. Are 60 pictures for inspiration.

The vintage/retro style leaves any room charming with decorative parts that hark back to past times. However, it is important to reinvent itself for that antique look give in place to a modern environment, making this mix in something unique and different.

Before you carry out this proposal it is necessary to highlight the differences between the vintage and retro since often confuse people. The vintage refers to the former as that amazing piece of your grandparents ‘ House. Already the retro is related to items inspired by decades old. Are typically new furniture that undergo a process of modernization. A rereading.

With these definitions in mind makes it easier to initiate the project and follow with a concept for the decoration of your room. Regardless of the choice, it is possible to compose and mix both styles in the same environment. After all, only you will know in fact what piece is original or which went through an upgrade .

Are in doubt how to decorate? Check out below in our special Gallery, 60 helpful hints and charming rooms projects inspired by the vintage/retro style. Get inspired here:

Picture 1 – For those who admire the style, but I don’t want something very characteristic, you can bet the decorative details such as a nightstand blue, paintings and antique pieces

Image 2-The old furniture can merge between the vintage and retro

Image 3-girl room with vintage/retro style

Image 4 – following the vintage line the nursery took the opportunity to give color to the central mobile, resulting in a delicate and charming room

Image 5-the highlight of this room goes to the fridge that led decoration style

Image 6-to take the fourth industrial touch, the strategy was to enter ancient and colourful design furniture

7 image-tables follow the same retro style using old frames

Image 8-the red brick wall is a strong tendency in modern décor, but to bring the old touch bet on items reminiscent of the retro as the canopy bed, lamps and miniature parts

Image 9-bet on capitonê headboard is a strong point in this proposal, besides leaving the room more cozy

Image 10-tom gold and worn furniture composes the decoration style

Image 11-When the simplicity speaks louder than the style and the result still looks amazing

Image 12-decorative items make all the difference in the environment

Image 13-vintage/retro Room with pink decoration

Image 14-rereading parts are great for composing more elegant décor

Image 15-inspired retro chic style!

16 image – the design of the nightstand is a feature that highlights the old style decor

17 image – For a nursery retro bet on provençal style

18 image-Or to a cool environment insert colorful retro furniture

Image 19-To leave delicate place a floral print on linen

Image 20-Room of vintage/retro style sisters

Image 21-to the girl the bet was to use mobile with soft tones

22 image – the furniture can pass through a restoration and can give colour to the environment

23 image – For a girl’s room you dare in a wallpaper of poá, metal bed frames worked and a lot of color

Image 24-colors is another form of work style in decoration

25 image – To leave the room cool, bet on old design furniture with intense colors

26 image – the neon leaves the cooler climate in the room

Image 27-A key piece in this room is the bike and the chest that take the personality of the owner of the vintage room

28 image – the wall is decorated a striking detail to let the retro climate, bet on the wallpaper with geometric print

29 image-the images of the frames is another point for work in decorating

30 image – to follow the old line, but modern, bet on a nightstand standing stick

Image 31-bet on a metal bed with nightstand crafted, she takes all the antique look to the site

32 image-the highlight of this room is in the design of the Bureau that has the vintage style

Image 33-double room with vintage/retro style with light colours

Image 34-other details such as colors, picture frames and details can compose the proposal and leave the room with the old touch

Image 35-hippie chic refers very vintage/retro proposal

Picture 36 – The dark wood furniture was something very common at the time, where each detail is possible to notice the part design

37 image – not to let the visual environment bet heavy was the lamp in neon and the carpet with Chevron pattern

Image 38-vintage/retro Room simple

39 image-Composition of colours and finishing of the headboard frame the room’s style

40 image – it is possible to work the style with a color chart and prints

Picture 41 – the tendency of nightstand with bags fits perfectly to the retro proposal

Picture 42 – the design of the furniture leaves the old air contrast with modern details of finishes

43 image – how about a wall full of style?

Image 44-man room with vintage/retro style

Picture 45 – the less is more is also applied in the proposed vintage/retro

46 image-the rustic air can follow the vintage/retro style

47 image — you can merge the styles with modern parts and old design

Picture 48 – another way to decorate the wall is working with the old-looking jackets and full of drawings

Image 49 – the head strong and surrounded by frames takes all the retro touch to the room

Image 50-vintage/retro double room with romantic air

Image 51-retro Room with vintage lamps listed on

Picture 52 – the nightstand mirror, apparent brick wall, frame with wooden bed frame and form a beautiful retro modern composition

53 – image colors broke the industrial aspect of the room and took the vintage touch to the room

54 image – the pieces underscore the decoration style so don’t forget to produce the environment with decorative items that follow the proposal of the room

Image 55-bed with canopy is a strong bet for the vintage/retro

Image 56-Mix styles to bring balance in the environment

Image 57-bedroom vintage/retro with dark colors

58 image – male Room with retro style

59 image – the pieces with antiqued is a feature that is present in this style

Image 60-female Room with retro style