Urban Garden Ideas 5 Design Tricks

The gardens not only add life and beauty to outdoor areas, but also the most pleasant environments to bring freshness to the interior of buildings. The plants even have a huge potential to bring thermal comfort combined with aesthetics. Not only that, they promote the integration of the house with nature, becoming invigorating elements amid the day always stressful day.

If you have a garden in your home and want to leave this space even more beautiful and interesting, check out right now some decorating tricks that will give a very special charm to your private oasis:

  1. Use pebbles and decorative stones

One of the best ways to decorate the garden is using stones and pebbles, leaving the look natural and aesthetically harmonious. In this case, the most commonly used materials are dolomite straw, brown sandstone and multicolor marble. Remember that decorative stones can be used both in outdoor gardens as conservatories. In larger spaces, beyond the stones and pebbles, you can use concrete footsteps on the floor!

  1. Choose the right vessels

Another surefire trick to decorate gardens is to choose beautiful pots and planters to accommodate the plants. We have variety of designs and colors for you! Invest in plastic parts, coconut fiber, synthetic fiber, ceramics, metal or wood.

The important thing is that the size of vessels is chosen according to the size of the plant. Thus, species that grow too should not be suffocated in small pots, while more shallow roots do not need too deep containers. Remember that when choosing!

  1. Bet on wooden details

The gardens with wooden details show rustic and natural style. So, use and abuse of wooden items such as trellises for vertical gardens , floor decking , wall shelves, stairs to put the vessels’ fences and woody cages. All of these items are more than welcome in the outside areas.

  1. Caprice lighting

The lighting of the garden is also important in the decoration of your garden. Not to mention that is an aspect that directly affects the functionality and environmental security, because we can only get around well and use areas properly when everything is very well-lit. The exterior decoration includes sconces, spotlights, skewers, turtles, benchmarks and poles.

With the stage lighting, you can create a nice aesthetic effect, but then you need to take some care with the excesses! Putting green, blue and red lights in the same garden can make the look Christmassy.

  1. Invest in garden ornaments

To make your garden even more special, abuse of embellishments such as bird cages, iron watering cans, pieces of pottery, pine cones, frames, bells and hangers.