Update for Apple TV Brings Support for Netflix in Brazil

The wave of devices that support Netflix in Brazil was relatively small when the service was launched in the country. Even it is available out there in several different ways, in Brazil it was available on computers, the Wii, the PS3 and PS2 and then gained more devices. With a released update for the second generation of Apple TV yesterday, Netflix is available in Brazil. But apparently it happened by accident.

The update puts the iOS Apple TV in the 4.4.3 version and according to the release notes released by Apple, this update brings the correction of audio playback bug and support to Mexican members of Netflix, nothing listed Brazil. Yet the number of Brazilian owners of Apple TV have upgraded and tried to access the service through the device. And they succeeded.

One of them was Gabriel Subtil, the TamboTech site, who recorded the video below showing Netflix in full operation here in the country, without using VPN or proxy.

(Video on YouTube)

Apparently Apple has a rebel and not blocked access to Netflix only for Mexicans service users. From what I gather searches on social networks, in addition to Brazil, who signs Netflix in Argentina, Colombia and Chile also can access after upgrade.

And as there is an Apple forecast to offer your device here, we do not know for sure when it will happen. My bet? If the operations iTunes start even in the country in December, the Apple TV will finally content to be able to justify its release in the country.

Update 19:55 | The text was amended to remove a response from a profile on Twitter that is not official Netflix.