Up Wizards Hockey India

In the days when hockey was still only about technique and skill, India was great. The world was surprised to learn tricks and stick handling of Indians. It started at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928 and lasted only one interruption until the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. The story of seven gold medals and a silver.

1928: India win for goal

After two skinny tournament at the Olympics in 1908 and 1920 hockey was not part of the games more in 1924. In response, the International Hockey Federation was formed.United Kingdom was not at his best pupil, however, India.So, once again, turned back at the Olympic hockey 1928 platform. Without any problem and with perhaps the best hockey players of all time in the ranks, Dhyan Chand, nicknamed the wizard India crushed all his opponents. Without a single goal against. In the final the Netherlands was a 0-3 defeat not so bad.
The road to gold

  • India?? Austria 6-0 Dhyan Chand 3, George Tom 2, Shaukat Ali
  • India?? Belgium 9-0 Feroze Khan 5, Frederic Seaman 2, Dhyan Chand, Vikram
  • India?? Denmark 5-0 Dhyan Chand 3 Yassin, Seaman
  • India?? Switzerland 6-0 Dhyan Chand 4 Vikram, Maurice Gateley
  • India?? Netherlands 3-0 Dhyan Chand 3

1932: Scarce tournament in Los Angeles

Especially since 1928 was a place for the other tournament as good as disastrous. Eight of the nine participants came from Europe in 1928, and found the trip too long. Remained the United States and Japan, who were no match for India. Japan kept the damage somewhat limited, United States went magnificently struck by hockey magicians. In two games, and made his brother Roop Singh, Dhyan Chand, real name Dhyan Singh, twenty-five goal.
The road to gold

  • India?? Japan 11-1 fourth Dhyan Chand, Roop Singh, Gurmit Singh, 3 3 Dickie Carr
  • India?? United States 24-1 Roop Singh 10, Dhyan Chand 8, Gurmit Singh 5 Pinniger

1936: India leaves no pretty German ambitions

In Nazi Germany organized the Olympic Games in Berlin, the German athletics already placed on the show by Jesse Owens. Players hockey from India took it a step further. During the 2004 tournament was one of the best attended sport, purely because of the Indians. With Roop Singh in a key supporting role, but again, Dhyan Chand as transcendent player was left no chance for Germany in the final. Hitler saw it and wanted to Chand as a reward offer a rank in the German army. Chand turned festive.
The road to gold

  • India?? Hungary 4-0 Roop Singh 2, Carlyle Tapsell, Shabab Ud Din Shabban
  • India?? United States 7-0 Dhyan Chand 2, Sayyed M N 2, Roop Singh 2, Ernest Goodsir-Cullen
  • India?? Japan 9-0 Dhyan Chand 4, Peter Fernandes 2, Carlyle Tapsell 2, Roop Singh
  • India?? France 10-0 fourth-Dhyan Chand, Roop Singh 3 Itiqar Ali Dara 2, Carlyle Tapsell
  • India?? Germany 8-1 Dhyan Chand 3 Itiqar Ali Dara 2, Roop Singh, Jaffar, Tapsell

1948: Master gets a lesson

After the war, the break was finally organized an OS once in 1948. In London, the birthplace of hockey.Netherlands did merit together, Islamic Republic of Pakistan showed its first participation to have great potential for the future. In the finals was the pupil against the master. It turned out to be a lopsided fight, former champion. Among other Balbir Singh and excellent Leslie Claudius did that clear.
The road to gold

  • India?? Argentina 9-1 Balbir Singh 6, Patrick Jansen 2, Kishan Lal
  • India?? Austria 8-0 Patrick Jansen 4, d. Kunwar Singh 2, Kishan Lal, Reginald Rodrigues
  • India?? Spain 2-0 Tarlochan Singh Kunwar Singh (D).
  • India?? Netherlands 2-1 Gerald Glacken, d. Kunwar Singh
  • India?? GR Britain 4-0 Balbir Singh 2, Tarlochan Singh, Patrick Jansen

1952: Balbir Singh outclassed all

In NHL tournament 1952 India did some competitions to win for the fifth time in a row gold. In a knockout-system was the Netherlands, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the United Kingdom and India leaves for the eighth finals. India first had a little problem with Austria, and then the water quickly Balbir Singh made sure India again won the gold medal. First, he scored all the goals to the United Kingdom, when he scored against the Netherlands five times in a 6-1 victory. The five remaining Olympic finals record?? the Olympics in 1932, after all group matches between the three countries.
The road to gold

  • India?? Austria 4-0 Balbir Singh, d. Kunwar Singh, Raghbir Lal Sharma, Randhir Weak
  • India?? GR Britain 3-1 Balbir Singh 3
  • India?? Netherlands 6-1 Balbir Singh 5, Kunwar Singh (D).

1956: the sixth gold in a row

India started the tournament in Melbourne with three Kerrie. Afghanistan, the United States and Singapore were hockey and dwarves were lost. Then it became much more difficult. In the semi-final and final was won every SIP. First 1-0 and then 1-0 to Germany Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Mitigating circumstance that star players Balbir Singh after the first match got injured on the hand. He played again in the semi-finals and final, but it was only meant to intimidate the opponents fear. As top scorer India Udham Singh had fortunately å, who scored 14 goals in this tournament.
The road to gold

  • India?? Afghanistan 14-0 Balbir Singh 5, Udham Singh 4, Randhir medium 3, Gurdev Singh 2
  • India?? United States 16-0 Udham Singh 7, Hardayal Singh 4, 3 Gurdev Singh, Leslie Claudius
  • India?? Singapore 6-0 Udham Singh 2, Charles Stephen 2 1 Hardayal Singh, Randhir Gentle
  • India?? DDR 1-0 Udham Singh
  • India?? Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1-0 Randhir Weak

1960: Islamic Republic of Pakistan interrupts the dream

Patent in India on gold turned out expire at the Olympic Games in Rome. In the group matches was there for both India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan not a cloud in the sky. Then it became more difficult. India defeated Australia and United Kingdom on his way to the final, Spain beat Germany and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The finale was a similar upward struggle where India for the first time in an Olympic competition did not score. Islamic Republic of Pakistan made there. After thirty straight WINS India found his Waterloo.
The way to silver

  • India?? Denmark 10-0 Prithipal Singh, Raghbir Singh Bhola, Jaswant, John Peter
  • India?? Netherlands 4-1 Prithipal Singh, Jaswant Singh, Raghbir Bhola
  • India?? New Zealand 3-0 Raghbir Bhola, John Peter, Jaswant Singh
  • India?? Australia 1-0 Raghbir Bhola
  • India?? United Kingdom 1-0 Udham Singh
  • India?? Islamic Republic of Pakistan 0-1

1964: India recovers in Tokyo

The tournament in 1964, especially seeing that the global hockey became stronger in width. Amazing results was an exception. India won again 6-0, but played the final two ties against Spain and DDR. -Final opponent Islamic Republic of Pakistan has won all their games until the finals, but also three times with just one goal margin. Islamic Republic of Pakistan, India were in fact outside?? won the Asian Games in 1958 and 1962 and between the Olympic title in 1960. Although India won through a penalty from Mohinder Lal forecast Olympic gold. The result of the highly devalued the tournament since 1980, was the last time the Indian stick magician surprised the world.
The road to gold

  • India?? Belgium 2-0 Prithipal Singh, Hari Kaushik
  • India?? DDR 1-1 Prithipal Singh
  • India?? Spain 1-1 Mohinder Lal
  • India?? Hong Kong S.A.R. 6-0 Prithipal Singh, Darshan Singh, Harbinder Singh
  • India?? Malaysia 3-1 Prithipal Singh, Harbinder Singh
  • India?? Canada 3-0 Harbinder Singh, Prithipal Singh
  • India?? Netherlands 2-1 Prithipal Singh, John Peter
  • India?? Australia 3-1 Prithipal Singh, Mohinder Lal
  • India?? Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1-0 Mohinder Lal