Unique Is The Strap That Transforms Your Traditional Watch Into A Smartwatch

The segment of smart watches continues to generate great excitement, not so much for what has been achieved so far-the available proposals still do not seem disruptive-as for what they promise us in the future.

Many traditional watch manufacturers have not moved tab, which makes there is a clear differentiation between smartwatches and smart watches.

That line is blurred with the emergence of Unique, a family of”smart belts”that try to endow-they are not the first, yes-to our traditional clock of some of the classic functions of smart watches. The presence of an LED, a small vibration device, an activity sensor and a Bluetooth chip are its keys.

A Strap That Is Much More Than Just A Strap

It looks the same as a traditional leather strap at the first glance, if you look closely you will see how this watch consists of that small multicolored LED that together with the vibration allows you to receive notifications of different types and easily identify them, according to jibin123. You can also hang up calls with a simple gesture, or get alerts to prevent misplacement of the phone.

The physical activity sensor allows you to count the steps or calories consumed-always in conjunction with our smartphone, which remains a fundamental part of the equation – while Bluetooth connectivity not only provides this pairing. In fact, it also equips the wristband of an identification system to associate it with our transport or authentication cards in inputs with systems in which Bluetooth LE technology is integrated.

The bracelets, which have been launched with Kickstarter’s collective financing campaign, are priced at $ 199-the promotion started with a few units at $ 139-and its developers are expected to offer them to these investors in the month Of April 2016.