Uneven ‘Happy Collection’, Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

We continue with the back to school in Mensencia, presenting new collections for the season Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 of course it comes loaded with news and optimism. Perhaps that is why so the of Unequal they have decided to baptize as the Happy Collection collection, because itself I rezumo optimism and joy in all the clothes, leaving us well clear that as winter does not mean that we have to go down the street with items taken from a funeral. In their own way, both autumn and winter are happy seasons.

Warm colors, printed happy, implausible clothes… and certainly an atypical aesthetic line, which has served him to carve out a niche in the market and find a large group of customers who always claim them new clothes that get out of normal.

From the outset the textures are note seeking power. The outerwear for the most part are chunky knit to achieve a spotlight visual effect and flee the styles more plain.

On the contrary, when the point is not accessible, it opts for eye-catching prints, in which the mixture of colors and textures get a chaotic environment that is but a reflection of the spirit ‘ Happy ’ who want to transmit.

Textiles and yet are very warm and welcoming. Clothes are made of cotton and are not only comfortable but they also have mission avoid that we let cold months you need it.

Shirts play again with pictures and lines, with worn colors, washed with bleach and asymmetrical patterns.

Avant-garde designs that attempt to emulate the work of patchwork in its own way, through the use of synthetic fibers and colors that highlight the design.

Even the Poles are trying to Excel in their own way, with warm shades (gray, white and ivory) and contrast of textures and shapes.

The Cowboys, as you may have seen, follow the same pattern. There are none in which the monochrome range is present. They prefer washing with bleach, random, spots to dominate the cowboy and with broken to try to get away from the simplicity sewing.

Again we see how the baggies brought to end continues triumphing in your harem mode. This time the seam between the two legs has been replaced by a set of fabric sewn together and get to renew the concept.

Jerky is characterized by break schemes, especially through the joint use of different textures and colors in the same garment. And it has been to achieve once again with his Happy Collection: