Twitter Asks for Confirmation of Age to Follow Certain Profiles

To make a record on Twitter is not necessary to inform their age. Other data, such as minibiografia and place of residence, often prioritized. This approach ended up bringing a problem that Twitter start now resolve to ask users to enter a date of birth before following certain profiles whose content is directed to people over age. Profiles of beer, for example.

The new feature was developed in partnership with Buddy Media company and is onlineon this page for representatives of companies enable their use. Called “Age Screening” he prevents minors have access to tweets from brands of beer, liquor and other products intended to come of age.

In demonstration of Buddy Media it was very clear that you can beat the system at any time. Simply enter a false date of birth so that Twitter enable access to the profile that the user would like to follow. More or less as in beer sites (also in Brazil) and games electronics depending on the indicative classification by age range.

The Buddy Media reports that the age reported by Twitterer will not be passed on to the brand responsible for the profile that he wants to follow.

This restriction that Twitter begins to implement for certain alcoholic beverage brands does not apply to medicines or games of chance, for example. TechCrunch suspects have placed this age screening action to avoid future problems with the justice American.